Intensive a/c on the train

Living in a large metropolitan city, I see millions of residents, and these people reside in tall skyscrapers rather than substantial houses. People take public transportation in lieu of driving cars because of the traffic, and because of how highly populated the town’s become, people live an odd lifestyle here. It took me awhile to adjust after I initially moved to this city, but I love it now! Some things were difficult to live with, especially public transportation. That was a difficult thing to adjust to, but I take trains everywhere now. I don’t mind trains because they are pretty efficient when they are running according to their normal schedule. The only area of the train plan that I struggled to adjust to was the temperatures on the trains. Most of the trains have a/c on the cars, and they usually run at chilly temperatures. However, on some of the older trains, there are no a/c units. They are usually much hotter inside the cabin, and very uncomfortable. Considering the amount of people that are usually riding on these packed trains, the temperature rises quickly. This is especially true in rush hour! The only thing that has helped me when I am riding on these old trains is keeping a washcloth handy to wipe my face when I’m sweating. I have adjusted a bit more compared to when I first moved to this city, so I try to ignore this and focus on the bigger picture. I certainly enjoy living in this city, so I try not to let this ruin my life.

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Swapping out the HVAC in school

I attend the best private college in our neighborhood. It is a charming institution with certainly strong academic programs and work opportunities. I have been here for two years and will graduate in another two years. I love being a student here, and I am learning to become a teacher specializing in ESL (English as a Second Language). There are some really lax professors in our program, and I am lucky to study under them! The school has been around for over a hundred years, so the building is very old. Due to the building’s age, the heating and cooling system is equally aged. Institutions like this one don’t seem to plan on updating heating and cooling systems, unless it is legitimately necessary. The temperature fluctuates constantly throughout the afternoon. On some days, when the weather is certainly hotter outside, it is strangely chilly indoors. I usually have to wear heavy layers even on Summer afternoons, because I know how chilly it is inside of our classrooms. During the Winter, colder days mea the classrooms will feel like a sauna. I often find myself sweating over my work while in our classes over the Winter. I have a hard time trying to focus when I am feeling tepid and sticky, since it makes me feel as if they’re just blasting the heating systems. These old temperature controls are not capable of regulating temperatures, it seems. I try to ignore these uncomfortable temperatures and focus on school work, but it’s a challenge sometimes. My school is a charming place to attend, so I push past these unregulated temperatures to make the most of my learning opportunities.

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Hoping the a/c will come on

I am very picky about the temperature control in my home, and I won’t be ashamed to admit that, no matter who’s listening. I want my air conditioner to come on exactly when I want it to come on, without any delay. Why would I want to spend the money and waste energy on heating or cooling an empty house? I’m not a glutton for punishment! After the youngest child left for college, my home is pretty much empty most of the day since my wife still works, so I decided to invest in this modern smart technology I’ve heard about. Buying a smart thermostat in particular will help myself and others to control the temperature in the house more efficiently than what I’ve been doing. No longer will my wife or myself come to a hot house at the end of the day, but instead with my modern smart thermostat, I will come to a cool home courtesy of the smart thermostat. It will tell the air conditioner to come on before we come home, and when it gets cold in the wintertime, this same thermostat will also tell the oil furnace to come on and heat the home up before our arrival. I genuinely didn’t need this smart technology to tell my air conditioner or oil furnace to come on until my youngsters flew the coop, because being youngsters, they would regularly have the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C going even without anyone being home! Having the ability now to better control the temperature is just what I wanted! In fact, I care about my smart thermostat so much that I bought one for my son while I was at the hardware store. I purchased an air purification system for him as well, seeing as the boy eats fish more than anything else!

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Our victorian fireplace system

I just bought this awesome classical-looking mansion on the outskirts of town. Assuming all goes according to plan, it will be gutted and totally remodeled. The bones of the house are worth every penny I paid, and with 15 rooms, several bedrooms and three fireplaces, I will have my work cut out for me! After I completely redo the outer rooms and make one giant entryway for the lobby, I plant to install the largest fireplace in that area of the mansion. Each room will also be remodeled to allow for separate units! Upon completion, I will have at least fifteen rooms to rent out. While each fireplace will be tested, I still plan to close off most of them for safety purposes. I don’t want tenants trying to use a fireplace for heat – these old mansions have unique exhaust systems for them. They sure made a lot of fireplaces back then, and because of the age of the property, I’d rather mitigate the risk and seal them off. Each fireplace will be cleaned up as eye candy only. For heat, I’ll be installing a mini-split Heating, Ventilation and A/C system for each individual room. The equipment will have a thermostat to control the temperature per room as well. In fact, I’ll end up with so many units after the renovations are complete, I’ll have to have at least ten mini-split systems installed. The mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems are “ductless”, so I won’t have to cut into the walls of the mansion to install ducts. The ceilings are vaulted in some rooms, so ductwork would be challenging to lay as it is. I just can’t wait to get this thing ready for use!


Family helps with heating

My family has consistently had a unbelievable relationship with each other.  I got a job outside of the state and had to move. It was a real difficult decision to make, because I never imagined living alone without my brothers and sisters. Once I moved, I realize how much I didn’t know anything about mechanics, especial my HVAC system. I needed to find some easy DIY guidelines for maintaining my furnace because the area that I was now living in had temperatures that would often fall below zero. I found out that every year my gas furnace should have a tune-up.  I absolutely had only heard of a vehicle needing a tune-up never a gas furnace. The steps to performing the tune-up on my furnace was straight forward as well as it would save me over $200 in repair fees. l found out that terrible combustion could be a sign of a failing furnace as well as this would need a professional heating and cooling worker to service the furnace. I checked the gas furnace for soot or combustion residue that would gather around the front as well as sides of the furnace. The sparks in the burner are also an indicator if the combustion is functioning respectfully. While the furnace is operating the flame should be yellow as well as not any other color. Everything checked out unbelievable and great with the furnace combustion as well as I was extremely proud that I completed this heating and cooling inspection by myself.

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Quality HVAC

My best friend went to the doctor the other day and found out she had carbon monoxide illness! Her doctor said it was not as uncommon as people believed, but since the symptoms are similar to the flu it is often undiagnosed as carbon monoxide. Afterward both of us did some research plus found that carbon monoxide poisoning in the apartment is often the result of a dirty or faulty heating and cooling system. The Center for Disease Control stated that the typical upgrade and repair of apartment heating and cooling was one of the ways to reduce carbon monoxide poisoning.  In fact, during a more than a three year period, over 15,000 emergency room visits were due to carbon monoxide poisoning, some of which could have been prevented if the HVAC system had been worked on respectfully. I immediately called a heating and cooling corporation to have my friend’s HVAC equipment ran tests on. The HVAC repair specialist explained that the gas furnace will release a small amount of carbon monoxide into the apartment but with typical ventilation the gases are usually removed from the home. However, if the gas burners are dirty more dangerous carbon monoxide could be released. In the case of our friend, she had a carbon alarm but it does not detect constant low levels of the gas that may be released from the HVAC system. We were able to purchase the low level carbon monoxide alarm from the heating and cooling specialist that day.  

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The kids having trouble with the thermostat

As a high school student, I had to work all kinds of odd-jobs to go hang out with friends on weekends and other fun. One job I picked up was babysitting of all things! Yes, it’s crazy I know! It was an ok job, and the pay was decent most of the time. However, there was one house I couldn’t stand babysitting at. The house had terrible air conditioning, as the HVAC unit would often overwork itself and be forced to shut down, so the house would be incredibly cold for a while before becoming incredibly hot for a while! The kids were easy to get along with, in addition to the parents paid me incredibly well for my time, however the temperature of the house was just unbearable at times! Finally, after babysitting for the fourth or fifth time, I figured I would fiddle with the thermostat control component to see if I could address the problem. I could see what the cause was as soon as I approached it: the setting for the thermostat control component was at sixty degrees! It was over eighty degrees outside, even at night, so it’s no wonder this HVAC unit kept shutting off all the time. When the parents came home from their date night, I asked them if they’d ever had their air conditioning system checked out. The dad laughed, and told me and everyone in the place not to worry about it as they were having a heating and cooling repair professional come over the weekend to repair the equipment. They told me this story a ton of times. This went on for more than two straight weeks! I guess they were just saying it to hush me up, as the father also paid me in cash a little more for each night I spent babysitting.

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Cracks in my foundation

Moving is certainly one  of the worst ordeals I have ever encountered.   I really try to avoid it. That’s probably why I still haven’t moved out of the home I have now.  At the rate I’m going, the house will probably fall down before I have the chance to move. My home is a non stop aggravation. I purchased it about five years ago and it’s been constant issues the entire time. First, the floor in the bathroom caved-in costing me nearly $15,000 in repairs.  Right after that, there was the water leak that I couldn’t find for three straight months. That was followed by the furnace malfunctioning, and the washing machine overflowing and causing water damage. It’s been continuous troubles with this property. The most recent nightmare is a buildup of radon gas. Apparently, there are cracks in the foundation behind the water heater which I had not noticed until recently.  These cracks have allowed the, radon gas to leak into the basement for who knows how long. Honestly, I wouldn’t even care but I’ve learned radon gas can cause lung cancer. The radon gas also prevents me from selling the home. No one wants to get cancer. So before I can even think about listing the house for sale, I have to pay a professional radon removal service to come in, fix the cracks, and make sure there’s no more radon gas. I would try to do it myself, but I think it’s better if a professional repairs it.

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Investigating the problem

Most people don’t look forward to the long, cold winter months up in New England where I live. The temperatures will sink down into the negative digits; there are feet of snow everywhere, and a blasting wind that can freeze even the heartiest people down to the bones. Luckily for my family, we don’t have to worry about any of that. See, we’re filthy rich and I made sure years ago to purchase a nice place down south where we don’t have to bother with cold winter weather. It might sound unfair to those who are stuck up here, but that’s on them. They should work harder and buy their own winter homes to live in. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and just because I can afford multiple homes doesn’t mean I don’t run into the same problems that everyone else does. Take the basement of my winter home for instance. One would think that a house built within the past ten years would be free of cracks or holes in the foundation, but that clearly is not the case in my situation. I came down to the winter home ahead of the family just to make sure everything was on the up and up, only to find that the radon detector in the basement was beeping. That means there are abnormally high levels of radon gas and that can be a very bad thing. Radon gas is undetectable to humans but is considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. It comes in through cracks in the foundation which I had to pay to fix.

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The best type of heater

Radiant heat is one of the neatest upgrades you can get for your home. Radiant heat is a unique way to produce heat in your home as it doesn’t use air ducting or air vents. Traditional HVAC systems rely on the circulation of air through the house. In the hotter months, that is cool air from an air conditioner unit. When it’s cooler out, it is hot air that usually comes from a furnace. Radiant heat is a specialty heating system that employs a series of pipes laid in the flooring that pump warm water through them that is directly heated by the furnace. It doesn’t use the usual air vents or ducts. The radiated heat from the water in the pipes rises up from the floor.  This is where the term radiant heat comes from. I have only been in a few houses before that have this feature in more than twenty years in the realty business. Not many homeowners want to go through the process of installing these systems in their homes. It can be quite expensive to add on, especially if the floor is already installed. The optimum time to install radiant heated floors is during construction. They do tend to increase the overall value of the home. It reduces the amount of allergens and air pollutants as well, and is significantly cheaper to run. In parts of the country that have cold, freezing winters, homes with radiant heated floors showed an increase in value of 10-20% over those that did not have it. Considering all the benefits, radiant heat is an economic option for any home.

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