Changes per country on HVAC

My brother and  I are going on a holiday in 2 weeks.  George and I are both anxious to tour overseas and visit two very different countries on our trip.  George and i recently looked up the weather at this time of year in each country, and now we don’t know what we should  pack! One country is expecting weather in the 40s everyday. The forecast says it will be rainy, windy and unpleasantly cold. I have researched and learned that the country does not even offer a/c. The whole country does not bother with AC! How bizarre is that? The temperature remains between 30-50 degrees all year round. Because of this, they have no need for cooling equipment.  Instead, they concentrate on superior heating in their hotels, shops, museums and eating establishments. I think I will need long pants, sweaters and jackets. However, the next location my brother and I are visiting often gets into the 70’s. The plane ride from one country to the next is only an hour. I am amazed that the weather is that different. I did not look up whether or not the country provides heating or cooling.  I would think that they’d offer air conditioning when there’s such hot sunny weather. Because of this, I will need to pack a bikini, shorts and tanks for half the trip. I’ll also need to be bundled up in sweaters by the heating system for half the trip. Switching from heating to a/c within the hour will be weird. My body is going to struggle to adjust to the change in weather. It will be like a Heating and A/C rollercoaster.

heater and a/c