Heater install for the cabin

Six years ago my wife & I bought a small cottage in the woods about 3 minutes east from our new home up in the northwest.  It was meant to be a new home away from new home & a locale to relax. The very first time that both of us went to the cottage after both of us bought it, both of us found out that the central wood stove which was used to heat the locale was not functioning.  The cottage had sat vacant for too a long time before both of us obtained it. It was our hope to use this quaint cottage year round which would mean that both of us would need some sort of reliable heating for the locale. I was not absolutely interested in cutting firewood for a wood stove or a fireplace but knew that both of us needed heat.  I called up a friend of mine who owned a Heating & Air Conditioning contractor & he recommended many different possibilities from a pellet stove which burned small wood pellets for heat or a propane fueled stove which would require a large tank outside that was filled with propane or gas, however or both of us could go with a ductless mini chop which would offer us heating and air conditioning all from one unit.  This seemed the best way for us to go. My friend actually sent two different Heating & Air Conditioning installers out to our new home in the woods to try and install our new heating source. It took them about half a afternoon to fully complete the install & then both of us had a simple wall mounted unit that could provide all the heating & cooling that both of us would need. The first absolutely freezing time that both of us were at the cottage, I was certainly pleased with the ductless mini chop both of us had bought.  It heated the locale to a toasty 75 degrees with little effort. The two of us were able to relax in warmth and comfort in our little new home away from home.

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