How an air filter can help

A/C filters are essential to anyone’s HVAC system. Big commercial buildings, or residential homes – everyone needs a clean air filter for their HVAC system. Most folks believe that the air conditioning system relies on the air filters remaining clean, however they do not necessarily understand why. As a licensed and trained HVAC specialist, I will explain how undoubtedly crucial air filters are to the life of the HVAC system. To the improvements for quality of life of the buyers, the air filters remove particles of dust, bacteria & mold. These are things some can’t even see with the untrained eye. As an HVAC repair tech, I’ve seen everything. I know that bacteria is there, just waiting to infiltrate your lungs as you breathe! The air filters help to remove those particles before the indoor occupants breathe them in, which means indoor air pollen levels are reduced. Another reason why it is so crucial to change the a/c filters often, is simply for the health of the HVAC system itself. Not increasing the air filters makes your HVAC device work harder, & to use more electricity than it would ordinarily, resulting in a higher electric bill. Those nasty particles cover the air conditioning system coils, resulting in your HVAC unit having to run longer to cool your home. Stay on top of air filter changes, and you’ll stay on top of the HVAC system’s health!

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