I can add the air ducts too

Over the years, I had various opportunities where I was involved the renovation of highly prestigious buildings around the country, all thanks to my extended experience as a construction manager. Right now, I’m excited to be restoring a massive mansion that dates back to the turn of the century. The charming, old mansion will be totally restored with up-to-date electrical wiring and such, and as I am both the builder and owner, I intend to totally restore this grand old dame to its previous magnificence. Remodelling this property into separate suites is the goal, and I will use it as a hotel! Almost every room has a fireplace, which is pretty fancy as it its. Still, i will restore each fireplace, even though tenants won’t be trusted or encouraged to start a fire in them. Each fireplace will look very sharp and the mantles will be nicely decorated. I will also add heating and cooling via ductless mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning systems. That type of technology is simply perfect for this old mansion, as the ductless Heating and Air Conditioning will allow each tenant to have their own thermostat and personal touch on the climate of their room. The ductless mini-split tech works without HVAC ducts, so I won’t have to add any air ducts throughout this mansion. While it does need some extensive renovations, I don’t want to remove any charm! With ductless Heating and Air Conditioning technology, I can add quality heating and cooling systems to the spacious property without taking from the outward appearance of the mansion. I can’t wait until closing, so I can begin the remodel!

ductless cooling