My work out was too hot-heating

Most everyone has things they want to get out of a trip. Some people hope to experience culture. Others  look for nightlife and beachfront in order to be satisfied. My big concern on vacation is the ability to work out. I can tolerate a beach holiday or a skiing trip. I can deal with  freezing conditions with the furnace blasting or in high temperatures with AC. It does not matter that much to me. In order to have a good vacation, I simply need to work out at some point during the day. So anytime a trip gets planned, I offer to book the hotels. I need to find hotels which offer a nice workout room. I look for a treadmill, elliptical, weight bench, free weights and  an area sufficient to stretch. Every morning, I start by working out for an hour. Last year, I made a mistake with the hotel. I looked at pictures of the workout area online. It seemed pretty spacious, modern and there was lots of equipment. The hotel description did say that it was located in the spa. I wasn’t concerned about it until I worked out in there. The spa was a steam room that maximized the heating system. They basically set the thermostat to around 94 degrees and ran a humidifier to add moisture to the air. So the gym was not only extremely hot, but wet as well. There was no wall between the two areas. So all the heat and steam impacted the work out room as well.  I stripped down to my underwear in order to tolerate it. The heating was excessive. Who installs a gym where they have the heating system cranked?

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