The a/c was not turning on

So the other day, my wife came back home from work and found the house to be undoubtedly warm, if not downright uncomfortable. We’ve got a programmable temperature control, so when she walked inside and noticed the unusual warmth, she was surprised. As she checked the temperature and found it many degrees higher than normal, she was quick to tell me something was amiss with the thermostat. “You must find out why the programmed settings aren’t working”, she practically shouted at me as I was on the way home. At this point, I’m hoping that we’re just experiencing a temporary malfunction of the temperature control, & nothing else too serious. When I got home, I simply adjusted the temperature control manually to get the temperature back down. I prayed that it would get the cooling system moving, but the fun wasn’t over yet! I waited patiently, but there was no difference. My wife and I could hear the cooling system kick on, only to fart warm air into our faces. Obviously, my cooling system is not working as it should, and some troubleshooting would be needed to nip the issue with my air conditioning system. I checked the air filter, hoping that it might’ve just been blocking airflow. Sure enough, that thing was packed with dirt and outdoor debris. We have a reusable filter, so I gave it a good cleansing and put it back in place. The air conditioner was pushing a lot more air at us now, and seemed to be getting much cooler.Hooray for quick fixes!