The a/c would not turn off

My longtime boyfriend in addition to I decided to get married just over a year ago. It was only a couple of months for the genuinely most basic planning for the actual wedding because neither of us were into the whole affair. We really just wanted to spend time together in addition to not worry about anyone else intruding on our time. We decided to head for a trip to the bahamas for about a week or two. While we were there we were set to get married. We had also planned on having our entire families together for a massive celebration at our condo when we got back. When we got to our little room at the hotel, immediately we could see it was wonderful, however all the doors in addition to both windows were shut in addition to the air conditioner was cranked up to full blast. Goosebumps immediately sprouted on our arm. I opened all the windows in addition to doors, however when I went to switch the air conditioner off, I couldn’t figure it out. My guy looked at it too, in addition to he thought he got it turned off. We left for lunch in addition to came back in addition to the room was still extremely cold! The air conditioner hadn’t gone off at all! I insisted on calling the front help desk to have the situation fixed. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep with the room so overly cold. A repair guy came up in addition to looked at the heating in addition to cooling plan for a few more minutes. He told us something seemed to be wrong with it. We asked to be moved to another  suite, however the only room available was a penthouse suite that cost almost twice what we had planned to pay. I called our mom to vent our pent up feelings. She was still disappointed that I wouldn’t let her come with us for the wedding day so the call was short in addition to didn’t make me think better. After that, however, the luggage carrier came to our room to transport our stuff to the suite… I told him we decided against doing it, despite the fact that he informed us that our families had already paid the difference for us! We were free of air conditioner woes from then on!

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