The HVAC was a constant fight

I decided to move out a perfectly nice home last year, all because my roommates could never settle disputes with me. The most trivial of disputes was over how to use the Heating and Air Conditioning unit! There were four of us living in the house, and all of my roommates left the a/c running when no one was home. I talked to them about how wasteful this was, but they made no effort to try to pay attention to how they were abusing the air conditioner! My frustration with them was at a boiling point, and I nearly lost my cool with them various times! I found it incredibly unfair that I had to help pay this outrageous power bill just because they weren’t considerate enough to be a little more conscious about how they were using the a/c. To me, this seemed like a simple, easily-done method to make sure that every one of us were saving money and that every one of us didn’t have any major conflicts again. I believe they just didn’t see it that way, and now that I live in a studio apartment by myself without roommates! I won’t have to worry about how roommates are using the cooling system or anything else now. With me cleaning my own messes, the bills that come in are on me alone and they’re far lower. Living alone is something I should have tried to do immediately after university! Having roommates saved me a lot of money at first, but I’m just excited that I was able to finally get my own space. The studio apartment life is a good fit for me, and I hope to never have to go back to having roommates.

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