Cracks in my foundation

Moving is certainly one  of the worst ordeals I have ever encountered.   I really try to avoid it. That’s probably why I still haven’t moved out of the home I have now.  At the rate I’m going, the house will probably fall down before I have the chance to move. My home is a non stop aggravation. I purchased it about five years ago and it’s been constant issues the entire time. First, the floor in the bathroom caved-in costing me nearly $15,000 in repairs.  Right after that, there was the water leak that I couldn’t find for three straight months. That was followed by the furnace malfunctioning, and the washing machine overflowing and causing water damage. It’s been continuous troubles with this property. The most recent nightmare is a buildup of radon gas. Apparently, there are cracks in the foundation behind the water heater which I had not noticed until recently.  These cracks have allowed the, radon gas to leak into the basement for who knows how long. Honestly, I wouldn’t even care but I’ve learned radon gas can cause lung cancer. The radon gas also prevents me from selling the home. No one wants to get cancer. So before I can even think about listing the house for sale, I have to pay a professional radon removal service to come in, fix the cracks, and make sure there’s no more radon gas. I would try to do it myself, but I think it’s better if a professional repairs it.

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