The best type of heater

Radiant heat is one of the neatest upgrades you can get for your home. Radiant heat is a unique way to produce heat in your home as it doesn’t use air ducting or air vents. Traditional HVAC systems rely on the circulation of air through the house. In the hotter months, that is cool air from an air conditioner unit. When it’s cooler out, it is hot air that usually comes from a furnace. Radiant heat is a specialty heating system that employs a series of pipes laid in the flooring that pump warm water through them that is directly heated by the furnace. It doesn’t use the usual air vents or ducts. The radiated heat from the water in the pipes rises up from the floor.  This is where the term radiant heat comes from. I have only been in a few houses before that have this feature in more than twenty years in the realty business. Not many homeowners want to go through the process of installing these systems in their homes. It can be quite expensive to add on, especially if the floor is already installed. The optimum time to install radiant heated floors is during construction. They do tend to increase the overall value of the home. It reduces the amount of allergens and air pollutants as well, and is significantly cheaper to run. In parts of the country that have cold, freezing winters, homes with radiant heated floors showed an increase in value of 10-20% over those that did not have it. Considering all the benefits, radiant heat is an economic option for any home.

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