Hoping the a/c will come on

I am very picky about the temperature control in my home, and I won’t be ashamed to admit that, no matter who’s listening. I want my air conditioner to come on exactly when I want it to come on, without any delay. Why would I want to spend the money and waste energy on heating or cooling an empty house? I’m not a glutton for punishment! After the youngest child left for college, my home is pretty much empty most of the day since my wife still works, so I decided to invest in this modern smart technology I’ve heard about. Buying a smart thermostat in particular will help myself and others to control the temperature in the house more efficiently than what I’ve been doing. No longer will my wife or myself come to a hot house at the end of the day, but instead with my modern smart thermostat, I will come to a cool home courtesy of the smart thermostat. It will tell the air conditioner to come on before we come home, and when it gets cold in the wintertime, this same thermostat will also tell the oil furnace to come on and heat the home up before our arrival. I genuinely didn’t need this smart technology to tell my air conditioner or oil furnace to come on until my youngsters flew the coop, because being youngsters, they would regularly have the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C going even without anyone being home! Having the ability now to better control the temperature is just what I wanted! In fact, I care about my smart thermostat so much that I bought one for my son while I was at the hardware store. I purchased an air purification system for him as well, seeing as the boy eats fish more than anything else!

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