Intensive a/c on the train

Living in a large metropolitan city, I see millions of residents, and these people reside in tall skyscrapers rather than substantial houses. People take public transportation in lieu of driving cars because of the traffic, and because of how highly populated the town’s become, people live an odd lifestyle here. It took me awhile to adjust after I initially moved to this city, but I love it now! Some things were difficult to live with, especially public transportation. That was a difficult thing to adjust to, but I take trains everywhere now. I don’t mind trains because they are pretty efficient when they are running according to their normal schedule. The only area of the train plan that I struggled to adjust to was the temperatures on the trains. Most of the trains have a/c on the cars, and they usually run at chilly temperatures. However, on some of the older trains, there are no a/c units. They are usually much hotter inside the cabin, and very uncomfortable. Considering the amount of people that are usually riding on these packed trains, the temperature rises quickly. This is especially true in rush hour! The only thing that has helped me when I am riding on these old trains is keeping a washcloth handy to wipe my face when I’m sweating. I have adjusted a bit more compared to when I first moved to this city, so I try to ignore this and focus on the bigger picture. I certainly enjoy living in this city, so I try not to let this ruin my life.

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