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My best friend went to the doctor the other day and found out she had carbon monoxide illness! Her doctor said it was not as uncommon as people believed, but since the symptoms are similar to the flu it is often undiagnosed as carbon monoxide. Afterward both of us did some research plus found that carbon monoxide poisoning in the apartment is often the result of a dirty or faulty heating and cooling system. The Center for Disease Control stated that the typical upgrade and repair of apartment heating and cooling was one of the ways to reduce carbon monoxide poisoning.  In fact, during a more than a three year period, over 15,000 emergency room visits were due to carbon monoxide poisoning, some of which could have been prevented if the HVAC system had been worked on respectfully. I immediately called a heating and cooling corporation to have my friend’s HVAC equipment ran tests on. The HVAC repair specialist explained that the gas furnace will release a small amount of carbon monoxide into the apartment but with typical ventilation the gases are usually removed from the home. However, if the gas burners are dirty more dangerous carbon monoxide could be released. In the case of our friend, she had a carbon alarm but it does not detect constant low levels of the gas that may be released from the HVAC system. We were able to purchase the low level carbon monoxide alarm from the heating and cooling specialist that day.  

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