Swapping out the HVAC in school

I attend the best private college in our neighborhood. It is a charming institution with certainly strong academic programs and work opportunities. I have been here for two years and will graduate in another two years. I love being a student here, and I am learning to become a teacher specializing in ESL (English as a Second Language). There are some really lax professors in our program, and I am lucky to study under them! The school has been around for over a hundred years, so the building is very old. Due to the building’s age, the heating and cooling system is equally aged. Institutions like this one don’t seem to plan on updating heating and cooling systems, unless it is legitimately necessary. The temperature fluctuates constantly throughout the afternoon. On some days, when the weather is certainly hotter outside, it is strangely chilly indoors. I usually have to wear heavy layers even on Summer afternoons, because I know how chilly it is inside of our classrooms. During the Winter, colder days mea the classrooms will feel like a sauna. I often find myself sweating over my work while in our classes over the Winter. I have a hard time trying to focus when I am feeling tepid and sticky, since it makes me feel as if they’re just blasting the heating systems. These old temperature controls are not capable of regulating temperatures, it seems. I try to ignore these uncomfortable temperatures and focus on school work, but it’s a challenge sometimes. My school is a charming place to attend, so I push past these unregulated temperatures to make the most of my learning opportunities.

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