The kids having trouble with the thermostat

As a high school student, I had to work all kinds of odd-jobs to go hang out with friends on weekends and other fun. One job I picked up was babysitting of all things! Yes, it’s crazy I know! It was an ok job, and the pay was decent most of the time. However, there was one house I couldn’t stand babysitting at. The house had terrible air conditioning, as the HVAC unit would often overwork itself and be forced to shut down, so the house would be incredibly cold for a while before becoming incredibly hot for a while! The kids were easy to get along with, in addition to the parents paid me incredibly well for my time, however the temperature of the house was just unbearable at times! Finally, after babysitting for the fourth or fifth time, I figured I would fiddle with the thermostat control component to see if I could address the problem. I could see what the cause was as soon as I approached it: the setting for the thermostat control component was at sixty degrees! It was over eighty degrees outside, even at night, so it’s no wonder this HVAC unit kept shutting off all the time. When the parents came home from their date night, I asked them if they’d ever had their air conditioning system checked out. The dad laughed, and told me and everyone in the place not to worry about it as they were having a heating and cooling repair professional come over the weekend to repair the equipment. They told me this story a ton of times. This went on for more than two straight weeks! I guess they were just saying it to hush me up, as the father also paid me in cash a little more for each night I spent babysitting.

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