Getting a new air conditioner

I bought a charming little beach house about a month ago, and it needed to have some serious remodeling completed. The house had been devastated by a recent hurricane, and the owners didn’t want to rebuild. Since I work for a local contracting firm, I can do most of the work on my own or get a coworker to help out. I’ve always wanted to live near the beach, too! The first month has been dedicated to structural repairs like the roof, siding, and the decimated upstairs porch. After the beach house was up to code, I started to think about living in the place. I didn’t mind living amongst the rubble and debris, although I needed climate control for sure. The hurricane had destroyed a great deal of the ductwork, located along the back portion of the patio. The storm winds dragged the A/C condenser from its concrete slab, too. I have a few friends who work for a Heating as well as A/C business, so they helped me with the necessary repairs. We spent an entire Saturday solely focused on repairing the ductwork and installing a modern A/C condenser! Both of us had to repair plus update some of the interior Heating as well as A/C parts, and that was even more time-consuming! Luckily, I have some pretty reliable friends. They pick up their parts from the wholesale distributor, and I save a lot of money by paying for my components at cost. I moved into the beach house as soon as we completed the climate control renovation. I’ve been here for 3 days now, and the central A/C works like a champ! Now I’m trying to complete a room at a time over the next few months. The master bedroom and washroom are almost finished, and after that I’m going to begin working on the kitchen.

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