The air conditioner was perfect

While I just earned a promotion at work, I have to do quite a bit of traveling as part of the job. It can be cumbersome occasionally, because I miss my wife when I’m gone. The first few weeks were horrible, because I was gone four days each week, and when my work wanted myself and others to visit our corporate offices in the tropics, I decided to take my spouse for a surprise vacation! I had been away from home a little too much for our taste, so my employer agreed to fly us both in first class. I thought it was a nice gesture, because they also rented a nice cabana for us. When we left home, it was cold outside. When we arrived to the islands, the temperature was very hot and sunny. When the two of us arrived to our cabana, it was nicely set up with fruits, cheeses, and an assortment of red and white wines. The air conditioner was set to the perfect temperature, and during the afternoon my wife sat on the beach and I attended corporate meetings. At night, we dined on local cuisine and listened to lovely songs. The two of us slept well at night, because the air conditioner kept us slightly cool but not cold. The two of us could still hear the waves of the sea in the background, and we could still smell the salt in the air. It was a beautiful time had together, and I did not want to go home on Monday! The two of us packed up our things and traveled back to the airport, but by the time we arrived home, we were longing for the air conditioner and the burning-hot weather. It was only 39 degrees outside, and we had to turn on the heating system to stay warm! Talk about temperature shock.

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