Hoping to leave the a/c behind

When I decided to place my house on the market, I understood that it was going to need several upgrades if I was going to get a nice price for it.  I was sure that a fresh coat of paint on the exterior along with new floors in the kitchen would go a very long way. But, the thing I was most distraught about was upgrading the cooling system.  For a long time, I had been having many HVAC unit concerns. It seemed as if I had been calling the HVAC serviceman every seven or eight weeks to come out to take a look at it. So, I knew that the air conditioning system wouldn’t make it through the home inspection. This is why we chose to install a new, state-of-the-art air conditioning system prior to listing my house with a realtor. It required an immense upfront expense, but, ultimately, paid off! I was shocked to get an offer on my house a few weeks after listing it, and it was exactly the price I had it listed for. The buyers were apparently very impressed with the upgrades, and they said the new HVAC unit gave them a sort of peace of mind. This affirmed my thinking, and I got all of my money back on the upgrade costs.  Selling a house does require a lot of work and research, and there can definitely times when it’s better to spend a little money upfront. It worked out for us! Now I live in my dream house, and it’s all due to my ability to sell my old place at the right price.

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