Lawn care and cooling needs

When I was a kid I worked part-time for my dad.  He owns a landscaping company that stays incredibly busy, so he would let me mow a few of his lawns on the weekends. The jobs he let me mow were very big, so I normally got to use the single air conditioned mower he had. This was quite a perk, especially during our summer season because we lived in a very sizzling part of the country.  While working on smaller jobs would have meant enduring the high temperatures, the bigger ones granted me access to a tractor with a cooling unit, and that made my job so much easier to do. Occasionally, though, I would need to do some of his smaller lots, so I wasn’t able to use the air conditioned mower on those. On the super hot afternoons, I’d constantly get to my house with a sunburn in addition to being drenched in sweat.  By the end of an afternoon, all I wanted to do was kneel beneath the air vent so I could soak in the cool air. Those were the afternoons that I would be counting the hours until I left for school. I knew that I wouldn’t have to continue working outdoors after that because there would be classes until I found a permanent career. While I didn’t understand exactly what I wanted to do at that point, I was pretty certain that I needed to find a career that would let me work from a nice, air conditioned office. That shouldn’t be too hard to pin down, in addition to it would ensure I would never have to work in the heat again!