HVAC working double the hours

Most women my age have long since settled down as well as started a family. To be fair, I constantly thought I would have a family by now. I never got around to meeting the right woman, so I provided up thinking about kids years ago. It used to bother me, as well as then the people I was with and I realized I was a grown man with a good paying task, my own home, as well as no little dependants frittering away all my currency. I had a life most women would kill for, so why not embrace it? With no family around I am free to set my own hours, so I sign up for as much time as the on call Heating as well as A/C emergency contact as I can. Basically whenever my manager the Heating as well as A/C business gets an after hours emergency call, I get the call routed to me. It could happen anytime between 7pm as well as 7am, because air conditioners tend to break down at the most inconvenient times, however once or twice a month I get rousted out of bed by a panicked homeowner, as well as have to service up their A/C or furnace. The best area for me is that every after hours call is pure overtime pay, so I will ecstatically go service an air conditioner every night of the month if I have to! I get to set my own hours, as well as the spend money has never been better, so I have to say my Heating as well as A/C specialist task is truly working out for me. With all the extra A/C repair currency I make, I have also truly started a savings account!

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