Need my a/c to last a little longer

The next time someone asks myself and others “is it tepid enough for you?” I may just snap plus kneel into them with a right hook. It is so danged tepid this summer, hotter than I can ever remember it being, that it feels love 1 prolonged heatwave. It’s not a seasonal warmth, it’s an end of the world style heating frenzy. Normally I am a pretty outdoorsy kind of guy, but not this year, this year I am keeping our butt inside as much as possible. This is heat stroke weather, dehydration season, so for our own health I am sticking to air conditioned places as much as possible. The outside temps are so drastic that I have had to ration our air conditioning system, so to speak. The AC would just run 24/7 if I let it go unmaintained, so I put some restrictions on it to keep from having a big utility bill. I have the temperature control set at eighty degrees, which seems a little high I agree but I am being conservative here. I pull the air filter once a month to make sure it isn’t getting too dirty. I keep a few spare air filters in the attic, but I love to use each 1 for as long as I can before replacing it. I also put in blackout shades in most of the rooms, plus closed off the air vents in the upstairs areas.The roof soaks up so much of the sunshine that cooling it off is a pointless chore that only puts more wear plus tear on our a/c.

a/c expert