The kittens frigging with the a/c device

My neighbor moved across the street a little over two years ago. At first, my neighbors and I never saw the person at all. We just had assumed she was some sort of hermit. A few months ago, my family and I started seeing the neighbor each day, but each morning, she walked outside to feed the stray cats in our neighborhood. Instead of keeping them away, she was feeding them at her front door. After more than 2 weeks, the people I was with and I had about twenty or thirty street cats hanging out in our cul de sac, and since the people I was with and I do not have a homeowner’s association, the people I was with and I were left with little opportunities to maintenance the stray pet problem. A few weeks ago, the cats got into some drastic trouble; One pet stumbled into our backyard, as well as became trapped inside of the cooling system condenser. I have little plan how the pet managed to get inside of the cooling system. My wife as well as myself were outside on the back patio, grilling some burgers and steaks. Both of us kept hearing a strange whining sound, however the sound seemed to be coming from the cooling system unit. My wife went into the living room to turn off the cooling system, so we could look inside. When she came back outside, twe finally peered into the cooling system condenser and saw the small black cat. It looked terribly scared as well as afraid. I grabbed my tools from the truck, then did my best to carefully remove the outer part of the cooling system unit. The small red kitten hissed as well as scratched at me, until he realized I was trying to help. Once he was liberated, he ran away and then disappeared another house.

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