Right and wrong seem pretty obvious if you ask me

Right and wrong seem pretty obvious if you ask me. I mean it should be common sense that trying to take an old lady for all the money she’s got is just plain wrong. My Granny just got taken advantage of when she had to buy a new HVAC system. She didn’t ask anyone for help, otherwise none of us would have let this happen. She just thought she’d go down to the nearest store and buy a new heating and cooling unit and be done with it. Well, the store had no regard for her at all. They sold her a unit that was nearly half the price online and didn’t say anything to her about it. My Granny is pretty tough, but she hasn’t got much patience for the internet. She maintains that she would have wanted to buy the HVAC unit from the store anyway, regardless of what the internet had to say about it. I just didn’t like that she had to pay so much more for the same thing. She isn’t exactly swimming in money, and she’s just a little old lady! I marched right over to that store with a couple of my cousins and we told the manager there exactly what we thought of a store that wouldn’t think twice about taking an old lady for all she had. Turned out the store was a chain, and the corporation that owned it was really to blame. I felt bad that I yelled at the manager. He was just a kid. I called the corporation and filed a report with their customer service department about it. At that point the HVAC unit was already in Granny’s house so there wasn’t much else I could do.


Having routine HVAC maintenance

Time and time again I let myself get into the same trouble. What is the matter with me! I just don’t seem to learn. I get distracted and stressed out and then thinking about everything I have to get done just becomes way too overwhelming. But I absolutely need to get better at having routine maintenance done on my HVAC system. I just have to really plan it out and stick to my guns so that I don’t keep getting into a situation where I need a heating and cooling specialist out to do an emergency repair on my HVAC unit. The heating and cooling guy I use has told me multiple times that if I just had him out to do maintenance on the HVAC system every once in a while, he wouldn’t need to do such major fixes that cost me way more. I know he’s right. I really would like to get better at that, but it’s just that I have to take off work to stay home and wait for him. I don’t like taking too much time off of work because I don’t want to get in trouble or something. This last repair I had to have done on my HVAC system cost me a fortune, and my guy is on the cheaper side as pricing goes. Still, it was a major thing that happened, which my HVAC guy told me wouldn’t have happened if I’d had maintenance done. The look in his eyes when he says these things to me, I know he thinks I abuse my HVAC system something fierce. I always want to get on board with the maintenance plan, but something keeps holding me back. I’m going to have to figure it out and really work on this so that I don’t keep making my life harder for myself.

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Leaving a/c on for the animals

I know I have the most spoiled pets in the world.  Not only do they have free reign over my house, I have begun making renovations to my house just so they can be more comfortable.  For instance, a few weeks ago, I had an HVAC contractor come over and do a routine inspection. While he was there, I also inquired about ways to make sure my pets were not too warm during the day while I was away at work. He suggested that I install a smart thermostat. He said that it would give me the ability to control the air conditioner and the temperature in my home from afar. I was so impressed that there was a form of technology that would allow me to adjust my thermostat from my cell iphone. I didn’t hesitate to setup a time to have that installed. Now, I can make sure that the air conditioner is running occasionally to keep the house cool enough for my pets while I’m away at work. This keeps me from having to leave it on all day and waste energy. Most people couldn’t fathom doing something like this just to keep their critters happy, but mine mean so much to me! I used to not like the thought of them being home alone, and that’s why I put so much effort into making sure the house stays nice and cozy for them. They are my best friends after all! I know they were well worth the new thermostat, and it was an investment that benefits all of us.

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Paying a friend to look at the A/C

My good friend, Alex, came over yesterday for a visit, and it was perfect timing. He is a HVAC professional and I had been having some problems with my air conditioning system. I hated to put him to work when he got there. We are super close and I knew he wouldn’t mind. In little to no time, he was able to pinpoint the problem, and he knew without a doubt how to fix it! What a relief that was! There was a small part in my compressor that needed to be replaced, and, coincidentally, he had one in his truck that he didn’t even charge me for! I never realized how much having an HVAC professional for a friend could pay off. His unexpected visit ended up saving me money on the service and the repair. To repay him for getting my air conditioning system actually working again, I decided to make a big dinner so that he wouldn’t have to cook. He spent nearly an hour actually working on my unit, so it was the least that I could do. I cooked steaks on the grill, made my famous potato salad, and bought a six pack of our favorite beer. We had a great time catching up, and I was so glad that I was able to spend time with him. I’m super lucky to have friends like Alex who are always willing to lend a hand when it’s needed. Without him I’d be down a whole lot of money and probably still living without a functioning air conditioning unit.

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Our ideal HVAC equipment

Building a dream home isn’t easy. But I think i’ve got most of my plans laid out and have began starting to build mine! I’ve already designed a section that can accommodate our needs in addition to the general spaces that naturally are section of a home like kitchen, living room, basement, home offices, etc. It was tricky to fit it all in, however. My architect, corporation and I all ended up moving the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment more than once. I didn’t realize how much space it actually takes up… The house is small, and every square foot needs to be utilized to the fullest extent. The amount of time I spent picking out that certain Heating and Air Conditioning system, I didn’t even realize how huge it was or how that would affect our plans for the house, granted, it is much smaller than more than 2 other Heating and Air Conditioning systems that I looked at, but still it takes up a great amount of space. I liked the HVAC unit and ultimately decided to buy it because of how energy efficient it is. I do have both heating and cooling capabilities plus options to control the air humidity in the house… So I did get a lot of over the top features in the system, especially for the price. I simply wish the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment were about half as big, but oh well…

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Want to fix up our HVAC unit

I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch lately; A few weeks ago, I was downsized, however since i’ve been looking for job and having a rough time finding one. My air conditioner broke last weekend. I haven’t had money to get the idea fixed yet, but however, normally while I was in this time of year I would have the air conditioning turned on, at least at night. I can’t sleep when it’s hot out, and summer season mornings in our area routinely get up into the eighties. I obviously am hoping to get the HVAC unit fixed by the end of the summer season at the latest. I will need a heating plan for Winter season. It is much too chilly here to not come up with one. I particularly hope I find a job soon, otherwise I’ll have to take whatever I can find, and the possibilities aren’t good. My back up idea is taking a minimum wage job until something else comes along, but the problem with that is the the money. I won’t make even enough to cover our bills, let alone save to service an overpriced heating and cooling system. I’ve called a few Heating and cooling companies, and their pricing was all genuinely similar. Overpriced and too expensive. If I can’t find a comparable job to the one I had, I’m pretty much out of luck, and absolutely out of money and in trouble!

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Need more heating in the north

All of my life I have lived in the south. The same goes for my family. Well, except for my brother Gary. He had moved up North so that his fiance could keep the job that she loved, then they’ve now been married for about two and a half years now, and I have only gotten the chance to go up and see him once so far. It was a trip that I will never forget, however being raised down South, I was not prepared for the snow and chilly weather of the North. The second day I was there, I caught a cold, and I could not keep myself hot enough. My brother and his fiance were at work, and I was loft alone so I decided to turn up the thermostat. I turned it all the way up to eighty degrees. Because I had a fever, even that wasn’t warm enough for me, so I turned it up to ninety, when Gary got home, he asked why it was so stuffy and hot in the house, and I told him that I was sick and it never felt hot enough for me, but poor Gary and his wife, they must have been miserable in that house for the rest of the month because they kept the temperature at ninety until the day I left. I will never forget the snow and cold. I hope that they can come down and visit me next time because I have no desire to travel up North again. And I really mean that! It made me so sick! From now on i’m never leaving the south! Ever!

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The temperature control was not working

My husband and me both are so happy we finaly bought our own condo! We both love going on vacation getaways. When we have in the past, we had always rented, so we thought it was finally time we both bought our very own condo. We are so thankful that we only had to look for a week before we had found exactly what all of us were looking for. We bought the condo and stayed in it the following week. This was in the middle of winter, so all of us were planning a snow filled mini trip. When we arrived at the cabin, it was very cold, so hubby turned the heat up, and we didn’t think about it again until the next day. I woke up at 3am covered in sweat. It was so hot in the room that my spouse had opened the window. He said he had tried turning the temperature control down, but nothing had happened. Within the next few afternoons, all of us figured out that it was basically all or nothing with the furnace in our condo. We could turn down, and it would get very cold, or turn it up and it got way too hot! I was seven weeks pregnant at that time, so I decided I would rather just be freezing cold. My hubby and I are both extremely blissful to finally have a condo of our own, but all of us will need to upgrade that furnace as soon as possible to avoid these issues in the future!

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Shopping around-heating and air

I’ve never paid much attention to heating and cooling systems until mine broke. Then I was forced to learn about it – and fast. I must say that when I started shopping for a new HVAC system, the people in the heating and cooling stores didn’t make things very clear. There were so many terms and choices that I finally decided to search the internet before I went much further. Once I typed in search words such as heating and cooling, I had tons of information to read. There were more articles and reviews than anyone could ask for. And since much of it was written by laymen, I was able to fully understand what I was reading. Before long, I felt that I knew enough to make an educated decision. The HVAC system that I went with had gotten rave reviews by several sites. What was even better was the fact that it was within my price range. With my new knowledge, I headed back to an HVAC store to purchase the system. I didn’t feel that I was in the dark anymore as we discussed the long list of choices and features for the system. Of course I would need a heating and cooling contractor to make the installation. I trusted the people in the heating and cooling store to recommend someone. Once the financing was taken care of, I was scheduled to have my HVAC system replaced and the new one installed. I am happy to say that everything went well and that I am now much more knowledgeable on the whole heating and cooling industry. But if it weren’t for the internet, I would never have had such a positive experience.

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Our HVAC professional is never on time

I am anxious person by nature, i just can’t help it. I’ve been this way ever since I was little. In fact, my father has kept several home movies of me having a difficult time waiting for anything. If there were presents to be unwrapped, I would try to do it before all of the party guests had arrived. If we were called to the table, I could never wait until the blessing was said before I grabbed a bite to eat. My father was always telling me to relax, but that never seemed to work.  As an adult, I haven’t gotten much better either. For example, a few weeks ago I made an appointment for a heating and cooling technician to come out to my home and look at my Heating and Air Conditioning system. The appointment was for nine o’clock in the morning, and I had to wait at the house until he arrived. By eleven o’clock, I had done enough waiting to last a lifetime. I called the heating and cooling company’s office number and spoke to the receptionist. She gave me the HVAC guy’s cell phone number to call.  After that, I called the guy, and he told me he was running late, which I tried to understand, although I was getting quite anxious by that time. Then another hour passed and I called the HVAC guy again. This time he didn’t answer. So then I called the HVAC office and was told that he wouldn’t be coming at all that day because he had run into an emergency. That was it! I was so upset with the entire heating and cooling company. It was so hard for me to wait all that time and never have the guy show up. Tomorrow I don’t know how I am ever going to be able to wait all over again.   

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