My husband and I have lived in the northern part of the country for nearly ten years. We have always been a bit timid of the winter, due to the fact we both get cold very easily. It takes one faulty heating gas furnace to cause us to nearly freeze to death. After a few years of these chilly winters, we decided that we had enough. After doing a few hours of research, I discovered that heated floors would help us out tremendously. Unlike an old heating system like the one we had, a heated floor unit was much more powerful and efficient. The majority of the heat in the human body escapes through the feet, so it makes more sense to have heat constantly warming your feet. The heated floors are also much more cost effective than our old heating and cooling units. In past years during the winter, our energy bills were so expensive it was almost too pricey to keep the heating on all day. The heated floors were super expensive at first, more money than we had to spend. We had to take out a small loan to be able to pay the HVAC technicians to install the floors. However with hour cost effective they are, they are already starting to pay themselves off. I believe that in a few years time, they will have paid themselves off completely. We aren’t getting any younger, so why not invest in something that will keep us safer and more comfortable in our everyday lives. An added bonus of our heated floors is our kids that live up north want to come and visit more often to be able to enjoy the warm and toasty floors.

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