I have been using the same HVAC service company for nearly ten years now. They have been great along the years, always taking care of my heating and cooling units needs. I have an older air conditioner, and they have been great about fixing it up rather than just having it replaced and getting more money from me. This past month however, the former manager of twenty plus years retired. The new manager of the HVAC company is not a very kind man. He runs this company in the same way a warden would attempt to run a prison. He is very rude to us longtime loyal customers and he has begun to try to squeeze every nickel and dime out of us. The summer season is approaching, so I rung up the boys to come and fix up our air conditioning to prepare for those scorching summer days. However the manager claimed that they would no longer be fixing my old a/c unit, they would only continue to repair my heating and cooling units if I replaced my entire unit with a brand new and extremely pricy cooling unit! I was so shocked that I thought he was joking. To my dismay, he was as serious as he could be. The manager is in for a big surprise however. Once us longtime customers start leaving for better service, so will all the other customers for this company. Hopefully the company decides to replace this current manager before there are no other customers left!

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