Shade wanted, no cheap canopy please

My mom discovered not long moving into their new home in the south that her yard has one fundamental problem. Since it’s a completely cleared grass lot, it’s all fenced in, however it offers no shade. In the past, she’s lived in two-story homes where the structure as well as the surrounding trees could keep the yard at little cooler. However, no she lives in a one-story ranch house, surrounded by farm fields for miles. It’s a beautiful, quiet, and relaxed way of life. My mom finds it hard to spend time with her pets outdoors too if she can’t sit in the shade. Now it’s the time of year when all of this outdoor stuff goes on clearance, so she and my father have to make a shopping decision. Mom wants to buy a pop-up canopy to sit under. But my dad argues that they’re all so low-priced because they’re low in quality. Even if they are on sale due, the canopy will still fall apart in a year. So, he asks, why bother if we’ll just have to buy another one next year. The pop-up canopy also needs at least two people to set it up and can’t be left up for days on end. How would mom put it up when Dad’s at work. One of her co-workers had the answer–an awning. The awning could be attached to the side of the house over the porch, is simple to put up with only one person. And best of all, it helps the air conditioner run for less time. This means it will save them money! Many of them even come with a ten year or lifetime warranty. While the awning costs more money, it is the perfect fit for them.

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