My family has just moved to a new house in town. I couldn’t be more excited to be honest! The old house we just moved from was located in the middle of nowhere, and my siblings and I were left to stay in the house all day. With this new house, were only a few blocks away from the public library and the pool, which is a huge bonus. I also was given the attic room, which I had requested. I love it up there because it is always so chilly. The heating gas furnace doesn’t reach all the way up to the attic, only the a/c system. I am the type of person who can only fall asleep if the room is cold, so it works out great for me. Every night no matter the season, the attic is right around seventy degrees which is perfect. During the warm summer days when I am outside playing basketball with my friends at the park all day, I am always able to come home to grab a bite to eat and sit up in my room to cool off. Sometimes the house can get a little too warm in other areas of the house thanks to the overpowered heating gas furnace, so my siblings will want to come hang out up in my room. It’s a pretty small area, but I am usually nice enough to come let them enjoy the crisp a/c. I am also gifted with a perfect view of the sunset every evening. It is a three story house, so I am able to look over all of the trees in the neighborhood and enjoy the view in my comfy and chilly attic room.