After a long college semester, spring break was finally here to give us a short break. I was so excited because for our last year of school myself and my five best friends are flying down south to spend a few days at a beach house, soaking up the sun. I had never done anything like this in the spring before, so I was more than ready to leave. After a day of travel, we finally arrived to the beachouse. It was scorching hot outside, so we were relieved when we finally got to the location. When we walked in, we were instantly surprised. The beach house looked fine, just as it did on the rental listing, but it was nearly as hot in the small house as it was outside! There was no cooling system to be found. I went back to look at the listing, and in very small letters it mentions the fact that there is no air conditioning unit. We were left to rely on ceiling fans and keeping the windows open just to keep from overheating. And let me tell you, it’s not going to be easy. We were planning to spend the majority of the day laying out by the beach and surfing, but without a way to cool off at the end of the day, we decided to buy a small portable a/c cooling unit for the house. We actually ended up finding one that was super powerful for how small it was. When we turned it on, the house began to cool off in a few minutes. We were so relieved.

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