The overzealous AC in the diner


My fiancé and I love going out to eat.  Dinner, lunch, breakfast, or brunch, we love the chance to eat any meal at a nice restaurant.  We live on a budget, so we cannot eat out all the time, but when we do we sure enjoy it. One of our favorite styles of food is Italian, and so we have slowly been trying all the Italian places in town.  We write down the ones we like and don’t like, make little notes about each place, not for a food review blog or anything, just so we can remember which places to come back to and which to avoid.

        One of the Italian places we went tried recently got decidedly mixed reviews due to its overzealous use of air conditioning.  We went in the summer, so it was very hot outside, and we expected to dine in a comfortably cool environment. However, as soon as we walked in we were taken aback by the burst of cold air.  The air conditioning system was on entirely too high. It was evident that the servers were used to this, because despite the hot weather they were all wearing long sleeves and pants. To make matters worse, we were seated almost directly under one of the A/C vents, so we were being constantly blasted by frigid air.  We complained to our server, and she moved us to another table, but it was not much better, we still were made uncomfortably cold by the air conditioning. The food was excellent, but we packed half of it up to go so we could finish eating in our more reasonably temperature-controlled home. We made a note in our records to use this restaurant again only for take-out, because it is hard to enjoy their delicious lasagna while being blasted by freezing air conditioning.

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