Trying to get a green thumb

After years and years of failure, I am finally trying once again to keep a few plants alive. I was encouraged by my parents when the moved across the country and had to get rid of my mother’s horde of plants. She had managed to fill a whole dining room with indoor plants because they kept growing too large and needing to be divided. It was my mom who taught me how to garden, and while I am great at keeping outdoor plants alive, indoor plants I’m terrible with. When I started renting apartments, I missed all the plants at home and kept trying. But I would forget to water them or my cat would eat them. So I thought I would start again with two of the biggest of those indoor plants from mom. I picked a varigated snake plant and the flamingo lily because not only do they require minimal sun, but they also work to improve indoor air quality. This is very important to me, since most homes in the north east don’t have central air conditioning. While they all have some kind of furnace or central heating, AC isn’t a necessity. So many properties are so old they we were build before HVAC, so getting the ductwork installed can be a nightmare. Those big plants have been doing so well that I bought a small pink dot on sale to see if I could keep it alive. I’ve repotted it twice! I use the same app on my phone that reminds me to clean the furnace filter to remind me to water it, so I never forget it. I’m so proud of myself, I might just get a fourth plant soon.

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