Using a mini-split system for a cool room

Running a flower shop isn’t as pleasing to the senses as you might think. When I was still in high school, my parents were in their tenth year of operating a tiny flower shop down the road from our home. I usually helped out after school, and from the first day of “work”, my parents paid me for my services, which was more than fair. Ten years later, I’ve expanded the tiny flower shop into a large emporium, complete with segmented spaces catering to particular color selections. It’s an interesting challenge – especially since I’m partially colorblind! The real challenge though was figuring out how to keep thousands of flowers in excellent health when I was in a poorly insulated store in the south. After consulting with a few HVAC contracting firms, I decided the best course of action would be to install several mini-split systems for the shop. These were excellent because they were ductless in nature, so I didn’t have to do a lot of demolition to the freshly built walls to install the mini-split systems. Additionally, each system controlled the temperatures for set rooms, and some flowers seem to grow and flourish better in various temperatures. With the wide range of options in regards to possible temperature settings, it was easy for me to see the benefits of using the mini-split systems over an extensive, invasive renovation to the store. It also works out well for me, as I sometimes use entire storage rooms for arrangements that are soon to be shipped out to an event such as a wedding or private dinner party. Overall, I’m much happier with the mini-split systems. Even though I’m using three different systems in the shop, my utility bills are slightly higher than when my parents had central A/C in the original store!

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