On a roadtrip in the summer and hotel’s air conditioner doesn’t work –

Last summer, my brother and I took three weeks off from work in order to travel across the country.  We packed our clothes, a cooler and a bunch of supplies into his ancient van and hit the road. In order to save money, we camped for most of the nights.  Sometimes we would find a campground and pitch a tent, and sometimes we’d simply pull off into a rest area and sleep in the van. Every now and then we would invest in a cheap hotel.   The one day, the temperature climbed up to 110 degrees during the afternoon, and we were absolutely miserable. Even with the air conditioner blasting in the van, we were sweaty and uncomfortable.  My brother and I decided to spend a little extra for a decent hotel. We were hoping for a comfortable bed, cold shower and air conditioning. We ended at a hotel in the middle of nowhere. It was nearly nine o’clock at night, and my brother and I were exhausted.  We quickly discovered that the hotel provided no amenities. There was no fitness center, swimming pool, laundry facilities or on-site restaurant. When we dragged our bags into the room, we realized that the air conditioner was not working. We immediately complained to the guy at the front desk.  He informed us that there were no other rooms available but promised to get an HVAC contractor to provide repairs right away. My brother and I ended hanging out in the lobby, because is was the only spot available with air conditioning. We sat around for several hours and finally demanded our money back.  We were way better off sleeping in the van. At least we could start it up and run the air conditioner.

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