Types of climats in


The US has one of the most diverse climates of any other country. In addition to spanning over a range of latitudes, the country also has a range of geographic features. The combination makes for a very varied climate.


Here are a few examples of climates in the US:


  • Desert
  • Mediterranean
  • Oceanic
  • Tropical
  • Humid Continental
  • Alpine


In the Southeastern US, you have warm and muggy summers. Your HVAC system works on overdrive. However, the winters are mild. You might use your air conditioner more in the winter than you use your heater.


In the Northeastern US, the winters can be brutal. You might need your heating system for eight months of the year. The summers can be hot, requiring a working air conditioner.


The western part of the US has a similar dynamic. The southwestern US is hot and sunny in the summers. Winters tend to be quite mild. In the northwestern US, the winters are cold, and the summers are warm.


The central US is harder to define. In the central US, there are many mountain ranges that bring different microclimates. Your HVAC needs vary depending on where you live.


There’s one common factor among the various climates of the US. In all of the climates, an HVAC system is necessary for your comfort. Without one, you might experience extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures in your home.


Your heating and cooling system plays a key role in keeping your home comfortable. No matter where in the US you live, your system can prevent you from suffering from extreme temperatures. It makes even the most hostile climates bearable.

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