On a roadtrip in the summer and hotel’s air conditioner doesn’t work –

Last summer, my brother and I took three weeks off from work in order to travel across the country.  We packed our clothes, a cooler and a bunch of supplies into his ancient van and hit the road. In order to save money, we camped for most of the nights.  Sometimes we would find a campground and pitch a tent, and sometimes we’d simply pull off into a rest area and sleep in the van. Every now and then we would invest in a cheap hotel.   The one day, the temperature climbed up to 110 degrees during the afternoon, and we were absolutely miserable. Even with the air conditioner blasting in the van, we were sweaty and uncomfortable.  My brother and I decided to spend a little extra for a decent hotel. We were hoping for a comfortable bed, cold shower and air conditioning. We ended at a hotel in the middle of nowhere. It was nearly nine o’clock at night, and my brother and I were exhausted.  We quickly discovered that the hotel provided no amenities. There was no fitness center, swimming pool, laundry facilities or on-site restaurant. When we dragged our bags into the room, we realized that the air conditioner was not working. We immediately complained to the guy at the front desk.  He informed us that there were no other rooms available but promised to get an HVAC contractor to provide repairs right away. My brother and I ended hanging out in the lobby, because is was the only spot available with air conditioning. We sat around for several hours and finally demanded our money back.  We were way better off sleeping in the van. At least we could start it up and run the air conditioner.

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Traveling and the HVAC

  I haven’t been able to travel too much just yet as I’m only 22 years old. But i have had the privilege to travel with family from Florida all the way up to Michigan. Crossing the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and “landing” in Michigan. We we chose to take these trips it would be during the summer as thats when me and my siblings would be out of school for 2-3.5 months. Of course Florida would be in the temperatures would be in the high 80s until we reached about the outskirts of Georgia is when the nice weather started to take place. It helped cool my body and it was wonderful to have the car windows open. It wasn’t hot muggy air making my hair puff up from the humidity but you no, the cool, soft air that was relaxing. Once we got through Tennessee into kentucky the weather stayed pretty much the same. I know if I was lucky enough to get on top of those mountains along the sides of the interstate the air would be way more chilly and thin. Indians had its ups and downs. The air was muggy, like it had just rained and the sun was thirst and wanted to evaporate the little bit of water the soil didnt soak up. The kind of weather made me feel honestly dirty. I wouldn’t sweat but i felt as if my face had started to melt. Finally we got to Michigan and the weather was perfect. It was just cool enough to wear a thin long sleeve shirt but warm enough to still wear shorts if you chose too. During the night it would get a little chilly where you might want a light jacket and some jeans. I now know why my mother loved coming here at this time of year. It was so lovely and put you and the rest of the people around you in great spirits. Plus you could even have a nice fire and not get a “fire burn”.

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having a heating and cooling unit is absolutely paramount to maintain a comfortable household

It doesn’t matter where you live the United States, having a heating and cooling unit is absolutely paramount to maintain a comfortable household. Sure, the majority of the north faces cold weather most of the year, therefore having a properly working heating system is important. But, seasons change, and summer months do bring hot and humid weather. Having an air conditioner that pumps out different levels of cool air is a necessity during those times. Or if you live in the warmer climates of the south and use your air conditioner throughout most of the year, there are still times, like in the early months, where the temperature tends to drop into very cold numbers during the night. That is why having a dependable furnace system to keep your home warm is mandatory. The east and west coasts of this country face a more moderate climate throughout the year. As early as May sometimes, hot temperatures begin to rise, making the need to turn that AC on more likely. And as early as September, cold is felt in the air. Having a heating unit that accommodate your household is important. Wherever you live in the United States, faced with whichever climate, the most imperative choice to make is to have an easy accessible heating and cooling system in your home. Plan ahead to have an HVAC service technician check your furnace and air conditioner for any needed repairs at least once a year. This will ensure that your home and those who live in it will have a comfortable and safe environment to live.

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AC vents pumping out cold air

Our anniversary fell on a Friday last year. My wife and I hadn’t been dining out for a very long time, so we decided to celebrate our six years of marriage at our favorite restaurant. The cold presence of February was everywhere. When we stepped our from our car, we felt the chill against our face as we walked from the parking lot to the door. After waiting for nearly an hour in the unheated waiting room, the hostess called our name and we were seated. Still feeling the effects of the winter, we decided to keep our coats on when we ordered food. My wife, always the stronger of us two, warmed faster than I and eventually removed her coat. I kept my coat on for longer before finally warming up. A few minutes into our meal, the air conditioner vents above began pumping out cold air. My wife and I put on our jackets again and waited, expecting for the vents to cease. They didn’t. I asked a waiter to move booths, but the restaurant had no vacancy at that time. The waiter mentioned that because of the high volume of people in one place, the instruction were to keep the cooling temperature as low as possible. To that response, my wife and I simply looked at one another, knowing exactly what the other was thinking. I placed some dollar bills under my plate. Without looking at the waiter or my full plate of food I had barely touched, my wife and I exited the diner. As I walked out, I was happy to feel that the actual outside temperature was warmer than HVAC system inside the restaurant. To this day, my wife and I never returned to eat there.

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There are some awesome things to do in the fall

There are some awesome things to do in the fall, and especially if you live in the northern part of the US. However, there is also a big list of things you need to do before the cold weather sets in. While out-door work and home improvements might be at the top of your list, there’s one indoor thing you should consider working on early. This is getting your furnace service done.  

According to HVAC experts, it’s very important to get your heater service and maintenance done annually to avoid a breakdown in the peak of winter when your furnace will be most useful. There is a lot of advantages to getting your heater serviced on time.

First, maintenance will help maintain your heating systems energy efficiency. When you regularly maintain your system, it ensures your furnace is working at its top efficiency throughout the winter, and in return, you will save up on heating expenses.

It also ensures your furnace is in peak shape. When your system is effectively inspected, you are more than confident that it will be able to handle whatever mother nature decides to throw at it during the cold season.

The worst thing that can happen during winter is a broken-down furnace. Having a technician check your system before winter will help decrease the chances of having breakdowns. Especially at a time when heating companies have a limited capacity of new clients. Checking beforehand can help keep your home safe. Furnaces burn some sort of fuel to conserve the heat throughout your home. The inspection could help detect cracks, leaks that could compromise the safety of your family.

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The ice cold restaurant


One night at our favorite restaurant, the HVAC system decided to stop working. It was mid summer and very hot outside. There may as well have been buttons on our chairs that controlled the air conditioner, heater, furnace and cooling system because the moment we sat down the cold air stopped blowing. We were not about to pass up on our favorite meals so we decided to go with the flow. After about 10 minutes we immediately noticed the increase in temperature. We saw the local HVAC provider t-shirts as the HVAC technicians hurried across the dining room. We didn’t recognize the HVAC business logo or the HVAC business owner. Our food arrived at the table and by this time we were sweating. The heat from the kitchen acted like a furnace and the passing staff acted as the furnace heating system. We felt even worse for the employees.

Thank god for our ice cold drinks, each sip tasted like there was an air conditioning unit in our glass. As we watched the HVAC technicians on a ladder twisting and turning knobs and checking temperatures, our dessert came. Still sweating, we weren’t going anywhere. We had hopes that they were going to get the cooling system working. The big air conditioning vents on the ceiling were staring at us. We waited patiently for the air cooling system to pour down on us. As we finished up our desserts we were instantly greeted with ice cold air. The HVAC technicians were successful and were packing up their tools. The HVAC business owner bought everyone that sat through their scorching hot dinner a round of drinks. It ended in success and the following day we switched providers to the same HVAC company.

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HVAC unit was fualty


  I was about seven months pregnant with my son when me and my husband decided to go on one last miniature vacation before we officially became parents. We always wanted to get a little bit of distance from our families so we headed towards St. Pete beach. It wasn’t to fancy of a hotel, as me and him are very simple people. The hotel itself was about 15 mins from the beach shore. A little too far to walk while that far along in my pregnancy but I still managed.

  Once we got to our room on the top floor I instantly realized how hot and stuffy it was. Maybe because we were on the top floor and we had Florida’s sun beaming down right above us or maybe it was because no one has been in this room for a while and the air conditioner wasn’t running. Nonetheless I turned on the air conditioning and set it too 70 degrees in hopes it wouldn’t get the room to cold to fast. At that moment me and my husband decided to go out for dinner.

  Once we got back to the room it was way too cold for comfort. I immediately checked the gage and it said it was 60 degrees in the room but was set on 70. I knew just then that the HVAC unit was faulty. I called the hotel front desk from our room and informed them what was going on. Luckily the hotel owner also owned a HVAC business just around the corner. The HVAC technician was at our door in a matter of minutes. He overlooked the window HVAC unit and came to the conclusion that it was most definitely faulty. In return he said not to worry and moved us to another room where there was no issues, he even gave us a free night for the inconvenience of it all. I sure hope he didn’t give out a key for that room until that situation was handled.

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High School Heater

My high school in my hometown was one of the oldest buildings in the city. We used to joke that the only reason it was still standing is that there were so many layers of paint on it that it would never fall apart. The windows were so old they were warped, and the classrooms had a permanent smell of mildew and old wooden flooring. The building had been around since the early twentieth century, and was built in a time well before air conditioning or central heat. Most of the classrooms still had the original vent fans at the top. One thing that was neat about the school was the old gas furnace that was in the basement. The first time I had to go down there was for an industrial class I was taking. They were covering various forms of industrial HVAC and heating units. The school was a classic example of this. The old gas furnace heated water that pumped steam through miles of pipes to radiators mounted on the walls of the classrooms. As the name suggests, the warm air radiated off them to heat the rooms. I’m not sure how efficient they were compare to modern HVAC systems, but this one sure has stood the test of time. The school has since upgraded to modern industrial HVAC systems for cooling, but the old gas furnace still fires up every fall and runs right through until spring. I really enjoyed the history and tour of my old school and found a lot of good information in that class.

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Museum Air

One of the perks of my job is that I get to travel quite often, and often times my travel takes me to unique if not exotic locations. A few years back I was on a business trip to South Korea for a multi-company conference. I was there for a couple weeks, so over a long weekend we took the train into Seoul to do some sightseeing. One of the more interesting things we discovered was a museum that was completely dedicated to kimchi, a local Korean cabbage dish. I had no idea that there was that much cultural history behind it. The museum tour guide told us of the recent improvements to the museum which included a new HVAC central air conditioning unit. He said that this was very important to heat and cool the museum as needed, but also to help keep the kimchi samples fresh. Kimchi is basically pickled cabbage, so I could imagine how that museum might smell if the air conditioning wasn’t right.  The tour guide pointed out that the new overhead HVAC ducting was part of the tour, as it was used as a guide through the museum. There were arrows and Korean language written on the ducting and the vents were painted the same color as the popular kimchi. It was summer time while we were there, so the fresh, cool air from the HVAC was a welcome treat. I never thought I would ever find much of an interest in cabbage, but the little air conditioned museum was quite a delight on my trip.

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Old Cars with no AC

My husband absolutely loves old cars. It seems like just about every year, my husband adds a new car to his collection of vintage cars. He has over twelve old cars on our property. Last summer, he built a new five car garage to store some of his favorites in as well as to add space for refurbishing and repairing his cars. I love that this is his hobby, and it keeps him busy since he has retired. Everywhere I drive, I am on the lookout for vintage cars for sale, and anytime I find one, I take pictures of it and send them to my husband. My car is currently at the garage getting fixed, so Greg gave me one of his cars to drive around until mine is fixed. I love driving his old cars; I feel like I am going back in history as I drive around town in them. The only thing that drives me crazy is that most of them don’t have any working AC system. Of course, my car is getting fixed in the middle of August, so it is really hot outside, and I am stuck driving an old car with no AC. I was driving to work the other day, and there was a car accident on one of the main roads that I take. I was stuck in traffic for almost two hours with my AC. It was awful! Ever since then, it’s been much better, and I can usually stay cool enough by just rolling down the windows. However, I can’t wait until my car is out of the shop so that I will be able to have a car with working AC again.

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