Filling out an accident report

My Dad plus I were shopping at the grocery store just the other week, and we were in the produce aisle, where the manager was stocking fruits plus various vegetables. My Dad was browsing the bananas, trying to find a firm bunch to take back to our household. He turned the corner, plus crashed on the floor. My Dad actually slipped on the floor, plus fell on his rump with a loud thud. I looked down at the floor, plus noticed grape juice all over the place. Since there was a produce manager in the vicinity, I did not understand why the floor was wet with all of that juice. When my Dad got up to his feet, he easily had twisted his ankle. It was totally swollen plus red, plus he could not walk on it at all. The store manager took us back to the office, where all of us filled out an accident report. The manager asked us if all of us intended on calling a lawyer. To this point, a lawyer had not even entered my mind. As I sat there thinking, I wondered if the store was at fault of the accident. I told my Dad not to sign any paperwork, until all of us could consult with a good friend of mine. My friend is a personal injury lawyer, with an office inside town. I called Jim plus explained the brutal situation. Jim said he would take the case, plus started performing some essential research. Every one of us found out that the produce manager walked by the juice a number of times, plus never cleaned up the mess! Our lawyer proved that the manager was absolutely negligent, leaving them responsible to pay for all of my father’s injuries. If all of us had not hired a lawyer, our Dad would have been stuck with a sizable doctor bill.

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