Paul takes care of things

My sister and her husband Paul recently bought a new home and they found out that they had a high level of Radon in the house. Well, of course, before they could move in, they had to figure out a way to get rid of the Radon! Radon is a toxic, odorless, colorless gas that comes from Uranium breaking down in rocks and soil beneath the foundation of your house. If you have it, you have to act immediately to get rid of it so it won’t affect the health of the people living in your house! It’s scary stuff! Well, Paul got to work immediately to help clear the house of Radon so that his family would be safe. He hired a company to come to the house and install a very expensive type of radon removal system in the basement and all the way up to the attic. But even though they had the radon removal system, Paul was not taking any chances with the health of his family. In addition to the radon removal system installation, Paul got busy sealing and caulking all the cracks and holes that he could find in the walls and the foundation of the house’s creepy old basement. He read that sealing holes and cracks will not only help prevent the entry of radon into the house, but it will also help add to the energy efficiency of the house. I’m really glad that Paul and my sister took the whole radon issue so seriously. Radon can cause lung cancer, and that is just not something that you want to mess around with!

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