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My fantastic uncle Pedro owns himself a big tract of land on the north side of town, just past the neighborhood limits where we all live, he is not a blood relative, but he and my dad came up together all alone on the streets, and forged a bond stronger than any I’ve ever seen. When he succeeded a bit later on in life, he made sure my father and his whole family succeeded, as well. Pedro retired j ust 5 years ago, and handed his supplier over to my dad, now that my dad is also going on and retiring, they want to give the supplier to myself and others and spend all their wonderful elderly time out in nature. Pedro isn’t exactly a hippie, but he is opposing the use of temperature control systems in any of the buildings on his property. Space heating systems and of course iron wood burning gas furnaces are ok, come winter,  but he doesn’t allow air conditioner to be installed anywhere on his property. He says he doesn’t think in it, which perplexes me totally, because A/C is a real thing, how can you not think in it? It’s not something you can easily argue the existence of, like angels, it’s a device that blasts cooling air into your face on demand. I think what he means is that he intellectually opposes what air conditioner represents to me, which I can respect even if I disagree. Of course the greatest irony of this huge situation is that he started a supplier that makes air filters. Most of his sales happen to come from sizable bulk wholesale orders sited by Heating and Air Conditioning companies for placing their new unit models. I suppose he isn’t opposed to taking Heating and Air Conditioning consumer money, even if he won’t ever use Heating and Air Conditioning systems at all. A:C filter