Paul takes care of things

My sister and her husband Paul recently bought a new home and they found out that they had a high level of Radon in the house. Well, of course, before they could move in, they had to figure out a way to get rid of the Radon! Radon is a toxic, odorless, colorless gas that comes from Uranium breaking down in rocks and soil beneath the foundation of your house. If you have it, you have to act immediately to get rid of it so it won’t affect the health of the people living in your house! It’s scary stuff! Well, Paul got to work immediately to help clear the house of Radon so that his family would be safe. He hired a company to come to the house and install a very expensive type of radon removal system in the basement and all the way up to the attic. But even though they had the radon removal system, Paul was not taking any chances with the health of his family. In addition to the radon removal system installation, Paul got busy sealing and caulking all the cracks and holes that he could find in the walls and the foundation of the house’s creepy old basement. He read that sealing holes and cracks will not only help prevent the entry of radon into the house, but it will also help add to the energy efficiency of the house. I’m really glad that Paul and my sister took the whole radon issue so seriously. Radon can cause lung cancer, and that is just not something that you want to mess around with!

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Examination room

At this moment, I’m laying down at the nurse’s office. I’m waiting to have my yearly physical done, but let me tell you – I do not care for coming to have this done! It feels so invasive, and I do not enjoy having hands and instruments on me. It makes me feel as though I’m a science experiment being propped up for a study. This week, the office is having some kind of issue with their HVAC system, so I’m going to be experimented on in a hot office to boot! When I walked in the door today, I saw the heating and air conditioning repair technician walking down the hallway with his box of tools, so I knew that something was up with their HVAC unit. The way he walked was a give-away, so fast-paced and with a purpose! When I got into the examination room, I realized that the complication was the air conditioner. The room was entirely too stuffy and felt stagnant at first, as there was no air coming through any of the air ducts in the office. I assumed the a/c had been broken or otherwise shut down, so that’s why the HVAC tech was there to do his thing. That’s when the a/c kicked on all at once, roaring to life and pouring frigid air out of the air ducts and into the miniature exam room. It was chilled in a matter of thirty seconds, and made to be too cold in thirty more. As a matter of fact, since I was resting there my thin cloth gown, I was going to freeze! It went from feeling as though the a/c was off, to feeling like the a/c was going to freeze the room in solid ice! I hope the HVAC technician gets everything fixed soon – arctic blasts of cold air isn’t necessarily a good thing! I believe they’re trying to guarantee work at the office, though – that a/c seems to keep breaking down left and right, so all these temperature changes can’t be good for the immune system.

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That was so much paperwork

This past month has been an absolute nightmare.  I have been going from a single doctor to another with my mother-in-law in addition to trying to get her help with a medical condition.  She doesn’t appreciate driving anymore so I am cheerful to help in that respect. However, dealing with legitimately personal information can be challenging.  She has trouble understanding the doctor sometimes in addition to is forgetful of instruction, and this means that she needs a second set of ears in addition to eyes to help her out.  Filling out form after form at each of the offices is absolutely crazy. One of the forms that is crucial is her HIPAA permission form. This allows her to grant access to her medical information to whomever she lists.  Without this permission, nobody can call the doctor in addition to ask questions about her treatment or test results. Since she is in a state where she forgets a great deal of things, it is imperative that there is a back up person.  I just wish that there was a network that would allow an across the board HIPAA agreement. I suppose that could be dangerous too though because it would grant too much access to her personal information. Each office needs to have a signed HIPAA form on file due to entirely strict regulations.  This is for the benefit of the patient as well as to cover the physician office legally for any accusations of misconduct. In a world where your personal information can be easily breached by people wishing to do you harm, it is important to fill out these permission papers. I believe it is absolutely necessary although I just wish there were a way to eliminate some of the piles of paper we must fill out each time we go to visit a new doctor.  It is confusing to my mother-in-law because she thinks she already took care of it.

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The problems with HVAC

I was excited, because last Wednesday was supposed to be our date night for myself and my husband; Every one of us hadn’t been on a date in a couple of months with the newborn to look after, so we were elated when we were able to get a babysitter at the last minute! We could go out to dinner and to a movie if we wanted to. So much freedom! There was a special at our favorite restaurant, too – and they also had this great happy hour special going through most of the night. We had ourselves a few drinks, enjoyed our delicious food, and relaxed for the first time in months. The only bad thing about our restaurant was the apparent issues they were having with the air quality in the dining area. The high quality HVAC plan in the restaurant is typically pretty amazing, though this wasn’t the case tonight. They normally never have the air conditioner turned down too low during the summer, nor do they have the furnace turned up too high in the winter. Of course, since we went out tonight, there had to be an issue with their HVAC plan and we ultimately had a rough night for our date. The A/C system wasn’t working well, and the HVAC repair technicians hadn’t been able to come to the restaurant to do maintenance on the HVAC system. For that reason, we were a little bit too warm as we sat at our table. Being warm made myself and my husband thirsty, so we just wanted to drink more. The more we drank, the hotter we became. The endless negative feedback mechanism of drinking in the heat had the best of us! We wound up having headaches from the mixed drinks we were ordering, but were still ready to get out and head into a well air conditioned theater for a great comedy. Luck wasn’t in our favor this night, since the theater was also having air conditioner problems. At that point, we gave up and went back home. There’s going to be more date nights in the future, so it’s okay!

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Heater for the dog

Biff is the name of my hunting pet. Biff has been my road pet, plus my absolute best friend, for just about 15 years now. I found him out in the woods, when I was hunting, plus took him back to my dwelling with me that very afternoon. Ever since, the two of us have been completely inseparable, plus he is without doubt the best hunting pet I have ever seen in my life. He can tree a raccoon, fetch fallen ducks, plus watch my back better than any animal in existence. All of that said, Biff is about 15 at this point, plus his hunting days are easily behind him. He still is by my side all the time, but his poor old bones can’t go like they used to. I got him his own little heating appliance, because he seems to be frigid all the time now. I never had electricity before, but for Biff I purchased a little generator so I could run an electric furnace right next to his bed. He truly likes that heating appliance, plus quite frankly I like to be able to provide him some comfort after numerous years of service. Normally I use a fireplace for all my heating requirements, plus for the most part I still do. Biff kept shivering so much I realized his heating appliance needs might be a little bit different than they used to be. This area furnace works for him quite nicely, plus at this point I need to keep it on pretty much all the time. Biff is moving around so much less, plus spending most of his time curled up with the heating appliance.

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Indoor air quality with the pets

How did I end up with a bunch of pets? I never liked creatures much, not for my whole life! I didn’t have a puppy as a youngster, never even had fish at any point, because I never wanted to be responsible for keeping something else alive. It’s really difficult enough taking care of myself, why do I want the extra stress of looking out for something else’s welfare? Yet somehow I could not resist that pathetic little kitten that showed up in my backyard. It was so tiny and hungry it could barely move, and I saw a hawk flying nearby, so I brought the kitty inside. If I knew how much I would end up paying in HVAC appliance repairs because of this creature, I might have left it for the birds! Now I actually understand how HVAC appliances work, and how pressing it is to keep the HVAC duct cleared out and the air filters consistently changed. Back then I was blissfully ignorant, and had no clue that the cat hair and dander was clogging up the air filter, and once that air filter got jammed up, the HVAC appliance had to operate a lot harder to cool my lake dwelling down, to the point of straining it badly. If I had caught it much earlier, it would have been a easy and cheap repair to change out the air filter. I had waited far too long to call for help, and the HVAC supplier told myself and others it would take about $790 worth of repairs and tune-ups to get the HVAC appliance absolutely working again.

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Another source of heating

When I was in college, I lived in a truly small dwelling with 3 other boys.  The lot of us share all utility bills. The lot of us were college students, so the lot of us didn’t make much money.  We lived on easily little money, so the lot of us saved wherever the lot of us could. We tried to save on utility bills as much as we could.  My roommates as well as I kept the temperature control device easily low so that the lot of us didn’t use a great deal of heating. The lot of us didn’t want to run the heating bill too high, so the lot of us decided that we would push ourselves to deal with the chilly temperatures instead.  Most of the time, it was just fine. I wore thick layers as well as consistently kept fuzzy socks on. I consistently had a few blankets wrapped around me also. However, on the absolutely chilly mornings, I struggled without heating in the dwelling. I was complaining to my mom, as well as she easily suggested a heated blanket.  I was particularly doubtful as well as didn’t believe that this would help in the least. She was so insistent that she purchased one for me as well as shipped it to the dwelling. The very moment I plugged in that blanket as well as wrapped it around myself, I felt instant relief. This blanket radiated so much heat that I would find myself sweating on occasion.  I could even sleep with much lighter clothes as well as still felt comfy. That blanket was so awesome that my roommates stole it from me when I wasn’t at the dwelling. I found it in their bedrooms very often. It became a running joke in our apartment. My mom truly saved the day as well as helped myself and others stay comfortable while in those frigid Winter days.

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Cooking and wanting a/c

Ever since moving into our lake dwelling 1 year ago, I’ve really tried to become more independent.  Part of that includes cooking for myself. During the first month in our dwelling, I ordered take out food basically all the time.  Then, I started to teach myself to cook. I have fallen in love with experimenting with brand new flavors and reading how to cook current dishes.  There is only a single thing that stops me from cooking as often as I’d like. My dwelling is so tiny and it overheats undoubtedly hastily. My little oven can make our entire dwelling feel something like a sweatbox.  It can be really aggravating, especially while in the summertime. Any time I want to cook lunch in the summertime, I crank up our air conditioner appliance to full speed before I get started with cooking. Believe it or not, I still end up covered in sweat while cooking.  It doesn’t matter how hard the air conditioner appliance is working. My dwelling is relentless. I’ve asked our property owner to look into this for us numerous times. Eventually, he decided to come take a look. He brought a Heating and Air Conditioning consultant along with him because he initially thought that something was wrong with the air conditioner appliance.  Turns out, the issue was with the ventilation, not the air conditioner appliance. The home only has 2 small vents. These vents aren’t nearly large enough to let the hot air escape from the dwelling. The Heating and Air Conditioning appliance consultant informed myself and others that there isn’t anything they can do to help us out with this situation. The home was designed poorly and it would definitely require major renovations.  I have been left to deal with this uncomfortable situation for the past numerous weeks. Hopefully, I can find someplace current to live that won’t get in the way of my extreme love for cooking.

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Baby needs clean air conditions

Newer dwellings have become so well insulated in addition to tightly sealed up that the people I was with and I end up having pollutants trapped inside our property with us.  That is why I have been researching everything about air quality. In a few weeks, the people I was with and I will be blessed with a new baby living with us in addition to when the people I was with and I bring him back to our dwelling from the hospital, I want our air quality to be the best the people I was with and I can possibly make it.  With our closed up dwellings, any pollutants the people I was with and I have in our dwelling will unfortunately stay there. So to improve our air quality for our new baby, the people I was with and I will have a nice air purifier installed before he arrives. Allergens of numerous different types can definitely find their way into our dwelling in addition to into our lungs.  However, with a proper air purifier, our air quality will improve immensely. I saw an internet article about air quality in addition to that the average family can create roughly 40 pounds of dust a year! I don’t even want to know what is living inside that dust, in addition to I will not have to really think about it as much with a nice air purifier in our dwelling. Our little baby is much too precious in addition to the people I was with and I do not want him to suffer from allergy symptoms from dust or any allergens.  We only wish to have clean indoor air for our little baby boy in addition to I feel confident that our new air purifier will help keep us all healthier in addition to breathing a great deal better. Air purifiers can actually remove up to 98 percent of the allergens in the air, creating a dwelling with a comfortable in addition to healthy air quality for our new family addition.

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Preferring their HVAC

Try to find an office building where each cubicle has the same temperature control.  I know it is basically impossible. An air conditioning appliance that works better in some rooms, as well as not the other is a legitimately a very common temperature control issue.  Companies deal with that concern weekly while heating or cooling their building. However, keeping your environment at just the right temperature control is essential in order to keep all the office personnel perfectly cheerful.  That’s where I come in. I’m the facilities supervisor for my leasing business as well as every one of us manage multiple office buildings. It is always a serious challenge to supply heating as well as cooling for the masses. As hard as I try, I just cannot keep everyone pleased with their own temperature control.  I strive every day to keep the heating as well as cooling to everyone’s preferences. Occasionally I will have to close work with the supervisor of the unhappy employee in order to find their air conditioning appliance comfort level. Both of us may have to redirect the conditioned air a different way at the air conditioning vents.  Or maybe even have that employee transferred to another cubicle away from the air conditioning appliance vents, which is actually a more difficult process than people tend to think. To have an employee transferred from one cubicle to another simply to avoid the air conditioning vents is only asking for a lot of trouble. Not long after that, more people will wish to have the office space relocated as well, as well as that starts to cost a serious amount of money.  I will offer to close up any air conditioning appliance vents before I transfer an office space.

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