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My mother has a certain motto; “Always carry a sweater.” As much as I dislike to admit she is correct, having a sweater on hand no matter what the season happens to be is a wise idea. How often have you been on a date where you’ve chosen the best sleeveless top only to find that the pizzeria your date has chosen feels frosty because the air conditioner is set too low, or you attended an important meeting where the room was full of people plus the air conditioning equipment felt more like a heating system blowing sizzling air. Sometimes temperature controls are reading the atmosphere falsely plus they need to be serviced. Perhaps the pizzeria management doesn’t believe in official repair of their Heating plus A/C equipment. Maybe they are trying to regulate hot plus cold temperatures to sell certain types of seasonal foods. If the pizzeria feels more like an oil furnace they will sell more ice cream. If the establishment feels colder, they will sell more soup. It would not take anything more than scheduling official repair from a reputable Heating plus A/C equipment dealer to send their air conditioning professional once a month to check the pizzeria’s HVAC equipment. I wonder about that evening on my date whether the pizzeria management was fully aware of the chilly temperature or if they were so engrossed in their dealer they forgot about cooling or heating the environment altogether. Heating the food before serving it is one thing, but heating your customers is another thing completely. On that unique evening, cooling the customers was uncalled for because the sweater I had to put on totally messed up the look of my outfit. If only my date had been a Heating plus A/C equipment provider, he could have serviced the pizzeria’s Heating plus A/C equipment. My mother said to carry a sweater, however she probably should have told me to carry an HVAC professional instead.

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HVAC helping me out

I have been undoubtedly working on my lawn for many years! I finally have green turf growing out front. I planted some petunias & lilacs along the driveway. I also placed a nice flower arrangement under our mailbox. I finally have the landscape looking wonderful, & it has taken a lot of hard work & effort. I came back to my lake property from my job this day, & someone has ruined an 8-foot section of my lawn. I have no idea what transpired, but it looks like someone dragged a large item through the yard. The turf is totally dug up & half of my flowers have been completely destroyed. I decided to talk to my next door neighbor about the lawn, because she is normally at her lake property all day, however she had no idea what happened. She did say that the other neighbor had an HVAC appointment this day. I immediately left & walked next door! As soon as I neared the front porch, my neighbor opened the door. He came out apologizing for the yard, & said the HVAC business caused the mess. When they were leaving his yard, they ran over my flowers. Luckily, the HVAC business left a card & contact information. I called the owner of the HVAC dealer, & he was definitely willing to cover the cost for all of the serious damages to my yard & lawn. He even said he would hire a landscaper to complete the project. It’s not easy to be miserable, since the HVAC business is totally apologetic & willing to fix the situation. I guess all people make mistakes one time or another. As long as they make it right, how can I complain?


The wild HVAC supplier

A few nights back, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends. The people I was with and I were hanging out at a friend’s property downtown… I didn’t even know everyone at the party, however they were friends of friends. At one point in the night, I lost track of my purse. I figured I set my purse down on the credenza, but I found it in the kitchen. I did not notice anything missing at all, and assumed someone accidentally moved my purse. It wasn’t until this day, that I observed something was actually missing. I had a repair appointment with my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C equipment provider. At the conclusion of my appointment, I went into my purse to fetch my credit card. That’s when I came to find that my visa card was missing. I searched all through my purse and could not find the visa card anywhere. The Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C maintenance professional looked at me like I was nuts. I kept thinking about my purse and the weekend. I did not have any currency to pay the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C maintenance professional, however luckily he let me write a check. As soon as the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C maintenance professional left my property, I got on the cellphone with the credit card company and made a report. I still have no understanding of what happened to my credit card, however it must have been stolen last weekend. The credit card did not have any new charges, and that is even more puzzling. I have no idea if the credit card was truly stolen, or if I accidentally left it sitting somewhere.

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He is my hero

There are just some things which frustrate myself and others to no end. Such as when my quarterback of our number one team throws an inexplicable interception. I mean what the heck has he been practicing all his life, baking lovely cakes? With all the years he has invested in studying how to play the stupid sport, you would guess he would be better at not throwing the pigskin to the other team. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even honest to call some of these people professionals at all. I mean there is always a particular amount of accountability and reliability that a professional should have.  Take our home’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair specialist for example. Because I was so uneasy about our heating and cooling plan failing myself and my family at the worst time, I signed us up for a repair maintenance plan. Accordingly, the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business sends us a licensed company to inspect our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment, wash it, and do any of the necessary tune-up required. The repair specialist then gets the task done in a very quick manner, and I can consistently rely upon him to do his duty to a high standard! Every summer time the a/c is arctic cool, and then every Winter our furnace gives myself and my family volcano hot air. I never worry about the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit for even a minute.  Furthermore, if something does go terribly wrong, I guess I know exactly who to call! My repair specialist can easily have the professional work down to a tee. If only he was 6’5 and could throw a football 78 yards. Because if he was able to make throws like he can keep our heating and cooling unit running, he would surely understand which team he is supposed to toss a pigskin too.

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Getting our HVAC professional out of the house

Recently, my wife and I got into a pretty horrible fight, and it was because I didn’t listen to her over the years when she kept telling me that we needed to get our Heating and A/C equipment repair taken care of. She was actually distraught that while we were in the Winter our heating equipment would fail on us or possibly in the summer season we would have no working a/c equipment. Well, I’m thrilled that our system didn’t fail in the Winter time season, however our air conditioning equipment did fail in the summer. What made things so much worse, it happened while we were in the midst of a heatwave. I wasn’t able to locate any air conditioners at the store and I couldn’t get a Heating and A/C appliance professional to our home for a number of days. She was so furious with me and she sincerely had every right to be. Quite honestly, this situation could have been avoided and we wouldn’t of had to suffer through an extreme heatwave with merely fans for cooling. I knew I was in the wrong and I legitimately learned an important lesson. I knew she would never let this down, and I would always make sure to have regular Heating and A/C equipment repair from this point moving forward. I don’t know if I could deal with her anger if I were to be irresponsible and let something terrible like that happen again. She actually got on my case pretty bad and asked what if this happened in the midst of the winter months, which could have potentially been fatal as we could have froze in the winter. I legitimately got it, and I knew not to forget the Heating and A/C appliance repair again in the future. I even went a step further and signed up with a Heating and A/C equipment repair plan so the Heating and A/C equipment professionals call me when it’s time for our appointments! This way I can never forget and everything is taken care of for a fair yearly rate!

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A high powered HVAC unit

My wife for the longest while has been bothering me about upgrading to a newer Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. I regularly told her that the two of us actually didn’t need it and the two of us could wait until the the old system quit working. One afternoon she convinced me to just go to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C shop with her to look at what was available for upgrades. I was absolutely reluctant about doing this, but then I gave in just to have a look. Well, she went totally bonkers when she saw all the impressive Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment on the market. I was really trying to keep it cool because I knew she totally wanted to get a single one of these upgrades. When the two of us seen the radiant heated floor heating equipment, she kept begging me to go for it… She said the two of us could actually use that in our lives and she had the Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment professional explaining everything about it! He was talking about the sizable savings you get in your energy bill since it’s such an efficient energy saving system. He explained that there is piping hooked up under the floors that radiate heating up slowly through the floorboards. He then told us that the two of us could come check out their demo room with the radiant heated flooring hooked up. When the two of us stepped on those radiant heated floors, even I felt the two of us should really get this system, it was fabulous! I was really pleased that the two of us went to see what was available because admittedly, our old HVAC equipment is old and the energy costs are too high in our property. When I came to learn about the savings, I felt that I was definitely in. Of course the initial cost was going to be truly costly, but over time I knew we would recover that cost in savings on the energy expenses!

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Keeping the HVAC good

I am the sort of person who is absolutely serious about making sure our household equipment is working fabulously! I love to take excellent care of our lake property because I want our lake house to last forever! One day down the road, I’m sure the value of our property will have increased hugely and a single of these days I will be able to sell it for a substantial profit. Well in order to keep our lake property in excellent condition, I have to tackle the most essential repair, and that is our Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment repair. I make sure to keep on top of everything such as changing the air filter officially, and having the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor come over to check on the system often. I actually am enrolled in a Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment repair plan. For a flat yearly rate, I have everything covered including 2 major tune-ups and 4 repairs per year. That basically covers everything that I need and I have never had to call for any serious repairs because of the official tune-ups. They consistently switch out old parts and everything works at full capacity officially! It’s honestly amazing having peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to freeze to death in the Winter time from a broken oil furnace, or overheat in the summer time with no working cooling equipment! I also have a nice humidifier/dehumidifier combo component that keeps the air quality legitimately wonderful! On top of that I have a great whole-house air purifier that works along with the Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment. This way I consistently know that there will not be any mold growth or any contaminants in our air that we breathe officially in our property!

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Beccomming a qualified HVAC tech

When all of my friends and I graduated from high school, I easily didn’t know what I was going to do! It seemed like everybody knew just what they wanted to do and what school they wanted to go to. I just started working and was trying to save up currency. I honestly wasn’t even sure what school I wanted to attend, however I knew I had to do something soon! I easily wasn’t ready to take large student loans as I wasn’t entirely sure how I would pay those back. I understand that not everybody who gets a degree gets the best career around. Well, this one day I was talking with a wonderful friend of mine who was asking me if I was going to school… Then he told me how he was attending a trade school to become HVAC equipment certified. I was right away impressed when he told me about this, and it sounded absolutely fascinating. He told me all about it how it would take multiple months and he would be able to achieve his certification in no time. He would then go to work for an HVAC company and make a pretty good amount to start. When he was telling me about how much he could make to start, I was truly amazed. I had never realized that HVAC equipment professionals make so much currency, and the sweeter thing was that the job was seriously in high demand. It was at that moment that I figured out what I wanted to do with my life! I told my friend to give me the information as soon as possible for his trade school because I was going to attend the same class for HVAC equipment certification!

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Getting the a/c plan taken care of

My youngest kid cares so much about his chocolate and peanut butter cups.  However they are honestly her number one choice in candy and she tends to actually squirrel them away to hide them from her siblings (and from me!) Whenever she gets even one package with 2 in it, she will eat one of them and then save the other for later.  Then she also hoards away these little teeny tiny peanut butter cups she gets at her parties or as prizes at school. I didn’t suppose she had a little stash of candy which she had hidden in her room until I found out about it the hard way. But we were in the middle of a severe heatwave this summertime when the outside scorching temperatures started getting all the way up to near the high 90s! And of course, as our luck would have it, the central air conditioner component broke down on the particularly week the outside temperatures were climbing so high. The interior of our beach house became just completely unbearable with no semblance of air conditioning.  And I just didn’t understand what else to do! I called our local Heating & A/C supplier, but they stated that they were just swamped because of this heat wave. They couldn’t come out to maintain and repair our air conditioner for three whole days! During this awful time period, I did all I could to keep our beach house cooled off. I even went into my little daughter’s room to install a little window air conditioner component for her so maybe she wouldn’t be overheated all night. Well, when I went to move the curtains away from her window to install the air conditioning unit, I stumbled upon her entire hoard of chocolate peanut butter candy. The scorching temperatures in our upstairs had become so high all of the chocolate had melted and there was now a disgusting brown stain all over her carpet!

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HVAC install in the wrong place

I’ve now been an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman for just about all of my adult life.  I went to HVAC school straight out of high school in order to learn all about the heating, ventilation, in addition to the A/C trades. I’ve quite well at it, in addition to now I’m the lead guy at the Heating and Air Conditioning business! They always want to send myself and not the others out on these toughest tasks.  They’ve even given myself and two others a helper to assist myself and those others when we’re out on Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance or A/C or furnace maintenance tasks. Occasionally this is a nice thing, in addition to sometimes it so isn’t! I guess this all depends on who the good helper is. The other early afternoon, I had to meet the assigned helper to start changing the coils on a wonderful, big rooftop commercial A/C unit. The A/C units were actually way up on the very top of this more than six story condominium near downtown. It was going to just be a big A/C maintenance task,  so I sent the helper on ahead of myself to start getting everything set up just so for the A/C maintenance in addition I went back to our Heating as well as Air Conditioning maintenance shed to pick up all those tools every one of us needed in addition to some of those extra supplies! When I then made our way up to the top of those condos, I didn’t see any other signs of an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman or even any of his tools or the components that each one of us needed to do the A/C maintenance task. As a matter of fact, nothing was even up there at all! But I was certain that I was at the correct address. I called him to ask where he was.  He said he was way up on the roof by the A/C units waiting on me. I looked over at the next building over in addition to seeing him. I waved over at him and I could tell he was so mad at himself! He’d set up all of that A/C maintenance components on the wrong building!

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