Each spring clean the air ducts

Cleaning your air duct should be an integral section of Spring cleaning, plus summer, winter and fall cleaning. A majority of people always overlook the air duct of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment. They tend to think that the central air conditioner condenser component is to blame for exhausting air circulation, or that the oil furnace in the basement is causing the strange aroma in their property. While those things certainly could be contributing factors, the cause likely rests in the air duct! Take my experience, for example. When I was residing at home with my parents, they habitually cleaned out the air duct of our condo every three months or so. If they didn’t do it themselves, they paid a professional heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment specialist to do it for them. When I got to be about fifteen years of age, my parents started having me help them with this regular duct cleaning. It was simple enough to handle – I was given a vacuum and a long extension to attach to the end of the vacuum to reach far into the air duct. I still can easily remember watching the vacuum as I stuck the sucking end into the duct, and being amazed as I watched the vacuum fill up with all kinds of dirt, dust, dead bugs and even more! Since then, I’ve moved out and live in a quaint little property about ten miles away from my parents. The air duct here is challenging for me to reach into, so now I have a professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment service specialist come by every three months and clean the air duct for me. I couldn’t be more grateful to live in a time where we have professionals available to handle any job you can think of, and available at a fair price! I’d have a rather difficult time getting by if I was residing in my own place twenty years back, as I wouldn’t have the internet so accessible to learn how to clean parts of the air duct that I have a hard time reaching!