Exercise and a/c

I’m not exactly what I would expect from a “fitness freak” if you suppose what I mean. I am not about getting to the weight room plus grunting among shirtless strangers, nor do I want to go jog around them in the local parks. I’m more of the sort of dude who just wants to be left all alone to force myself through the intense workout experience as efficiently as possible, just to get it over with. I entirely don’t care about the experience in any way, nor am I a fan of perspiring up a storm. There are just so many deterrents to getting in your exercise that the last thing I need is subpar air quality. I easily love a/c when I’m undoubtedly working out or lifting, in certain. I do not want to struggle to breath in hot plus humid air prefer both of us have outside of every afternoon. I also don’t care to have a trillion sizable fans running from all four corners prefer they do at the local gym. I just can’t seem to find the right level of indoor a/c to match up to our personal fitness goals. That’s why I decided to build myself the best, most comfortable workout area ever; My very first job was to empty out the spare home office to create more space. My ninth plus final job was to collect as many a/c units as possible. I installed them all the a/c units into the home office window, one at a time! Every day in the late afternoon I tried a new a/c out as I got in our exercise. I filled out an impressive chart of the numerous comfort metrics to rate our most ideal a/c machine. After a week of intensive trials, I finally have our final choice for a/c, plus our workout room is nearly ready for the exercise equipment to show up.

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