HVAC man a few minutes late

I’ve actually been running into tons of troubles with our Heating and A/C equipment provider this year, plus I don’t fully understand why. It could be that it was a change in leadership or management at the headquarters for this provider, or maybe all of the employees took a significant pay cut… Either way, there was a noticeable difference in quality of work – plus general concerns overall – compared to last year. I can easily remember when I first signed up for a preventive service plan with these people, plus how they talked up the service plan as though it was the only sure way to avoid expensive repairs to our heating plus a/c equipment. They were definitely right, too! That first year, any worker that came to our lake property was all smiles, plus were more than happy to answer any questions I had. If I wasn’t really sure about how often I should change our air filter, they would remind myself and others that monthly is the best. They didn’t judge, either – if I didn’t really know the answer to a seemingly obvious heating plus a/c equipment question, they treated myself and others with dignity plus respect as they answered myself and others with no hassle! Now, the men they send to our property are dressed poorly, smell horrible, track mud through our house plus act as though I’m somehow intruding on their personal time. It’s truly crazy! The last visit for our preventive service plan had so many little things that went wrong, it was enough to make myself and others want to end our service plan with the supplier immediately. It takes a lot to make myself and others complain, too – so you can imagine that the Heating and A/C worker they sent had to be especially awful! I still get mad when I think back on it. The man they sent to check up on our property’s a/c spent multiple hours inspecting our central A/C condenser unit, then spent an hour trying to flirt with me plus ask me out. I’m a married woman for goodness sake!

HVAC tech