Next door ductless mini split installation

I must have the worst luck of any person alive! Just last week, I was outside laying new shingles on our roof after an exhausting storm blew some of them off. While tapping away with a nail gun, I managed to shoot myself right in the foot with the power tool! Fortunately I hit the outside edge of my foot, although I still had to go to the hospital to be stitched up. The next day, I did it once again! How does a man shoot himself in the same foot with a nail gun? Well, being distracted is the main reason, to be honest… In both instances of me nailing my foot to the roof, I was actually watching as our neighbors were messing with a large pale white box that was being placed on a concrete slab, just on the outside of their property. I must’ve been looking for a tad bit too long, although I couldn’t help myself – our neighbors were creating holes in the wall from the outside going in, & I thought for sure they’d gone nuts! The other time I injured myself, it was because our neighbors were feeding electric cables, piping & other materials through the hole they made in the wall. After coming back to my beach property from the hospital yet again, I decided that two things needed to happen: First off, I needed to stop going to the roof; & second, I needed to figure out what they were installing in their property! I asked our neighbors about it, & they said they were installing a ductless mini-split a/c for their property. I didn’t realize it before, however their place never had an a/c installed. It makes perfect sense now, as I don’t ever remember hearing an A/C condenser working in their front or back yard, but my neighbors went on to say that installing the ductless mini-split was altogether painless. I couldn’t help but to laugh, point at my gauze-covered foot & say “Sure, painless for you all!” They had a wonderful laugh with me.

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