Trailer classrooms with no ac

My wifey is truly one of the only humans alive who can mutter the phrase “I have a music degree plus I keep a good job in the field!” He actually is a successful professional musician – I know. It’s not normal. He has worked throughout the whole town as a professor for kids of all levels, from elementary school kids through students at the 4 year university where he teaches classes. He’s a wildly success in almost anyone’s eyes… except his own. He’s super critical of himself, plus it doesn’t help matters that sometimes his locations of job are less than ideal. One school, for instance, has been renovating all of their music buildings for some time now, so the students have to take classes in makeshift trailers.Of course, he is trapped in one of these tiny, metallic hot boxes all afternoon while he attempts to teach these spoiled children percussion. It’s no wonder he has some hangups about his location in the world today when he’s shunned to this metal oven through the pounding afternoon sun, plus he is expected to teach through his sweat somehow. The students don’t try to do the best they can do in this blazing hot environment, either. The little munchkins get so overheated that they become lightheaded, dizzy plus faint from the constant heat plus stagnant air. He’s asked them to replace the garbage old a/c units that are supposed to be cooling each little portable room, but the school has steadfastly refused to invest in the air temperature control units since this is a temporary issue. I suppose that one afternoon soon he’ll be able to job wherever he wants, but for now he undoubtedly has to pave his way in work and sweat.

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