A noisy ac device

I have one of those job where I have to do a lot of travelling.  I am basically a homebody, and I hate when I have to sit airports, or when I am in the hotels.  I think they were all built by people who love to see other people in pain. Maybe it isn’t that bad, but would it be so hard to give a person the ability to open a window a crack and get some real fresh air.  Instead, you go into a stuffy airport and you have to walk through all of these weird temperature fluctuations. The heating and air conditioning are so bad that it is like walking from one side of the world to the other and experiencing all of their climates.  Then you get to the hotel. Instead of having central heating and cooling with Zone Control, they give you terminal HVAC systems. A terminal HVAC system is nothing more than a window air conditioner, but it is in the wall and they threw in some heating. They are so noisy that I usually end up bringing ear plugs with me so I can at least get a little sleep.  Neither the heating or the air conditioning are reliable, and I wake up several times a night. I have the blankets off for twenty minutes and then I have to wrap up in them when the air conditioning comes back on. I would rather be home, with my windows open and the breeze blowing in the windows; at least then I know it is fresh air.

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