Great heating in the greenhouse

I love my gardening and it has become a way for me to relax.  I also grow most of our veggies in my garden, so I would miss them if I didn’t have the garden.  I live in the south where I am able to have some kind of fresh vegetable or flowers growing, all year round.  When my husband came home all excited about his new job position, I was excited for him. Then he sobered as he told me that we would have to move.  How could I tell him no, when his salary was more than tripled. He then told me we would have to move up north. I hated the idea of leaving my gardens behind, but I swallowed my tears and asked when I should start packing.  He knew how I was feeling, and he smiled and told me to start packing now. I didn’t know that he had told a realtor to look for a house that had a greenhouse, or room to build a greenhouse close to the main house. When we got up north, I fell in love with the first house she showed us.  It was perfect for us, and it had a brand new HVAC system installed. I spent an hour in the house, but I spent the next three hours in the backyard. There stood a beautiful greenhouse, complete with its own HVAC system. I could just picture the snow falling and my standing in the greenhouse, tending to my bean sprouts and lettuce.  The furnace would be running to keep me warm and my plants would be a verdant green. I could even have tomatoes.

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