No sounds with our heater and a/c unit

My friends as well as myself absolutely agree that silence can absolutely be deafening. There are multiple reasons why everyone of us prefer some noise, but one of my friends will go as far as to whistle if there is no sounds in the room. My friend consistently talks when a single person is being quiet, because there is an avoidance of that awkward silence. Everyone of us don’t find this awkward, as well as simply saver it. My favorite times are actually at church, because there are moments when there is no noise at all. This absolutely happens during the Spring as well as fall months. This is the only time when the church doesn’t use the heat pump, ventilation, as well as A/C component. Since the heat pump, ventilation, as well as A/C component is not tasking in the background, there are not multiple noises drowning out the sounds of the quiet Church. I prefer this quiet sound, even though most of my friends would absolutely go mad in the deafening silence. It’s also terribly quiet at home, when the A/C component and heating system is not running. The AC component runs during summer with background noises that everyone seems to be accustomed to hearing. It’s also the same way during winter, when our heat pump religiously runs all of the time. Since we live in an area that requires us to control the climate, there is hardly ever a time when the house is quiet and without any type of noises. It can be hard to hear.

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