Our lizard needs great air conditioning

I never thought anyone would really buy  me a lizard when I dropped the hint last month.  When mom brought home a bearded dragon lizard for me, I was shocked, but thrilled.  She told me he looked lonely in the pet shop window, and he was kind of cute. She had bought the large tank for him to grow into and she also had a heat lamp to keep him warm.  Keeping warm wasn’t a problem for him. He liked to run around the house and whenever he got cold, he would sit in front the heat release vent release vent. The floor was warm and he could feel the warm air blowing out.  When summer started, mom began to turn on the air conditioning. I could see my lizard spending more time in his tank, and I felt a bit guilty. He should be able to be out playing and not stuck under a heat lamp. I tried to think of something to do.  I turned the thermostat down low in my bedroom, hoping that without the air conditioning turned on, he would be comfortable, but I wasn’t comfortable. I finally talked to mom and she asked me if I had given any thought to letting him out in the porch room.  The porch room was screened in to keep everything out, so he wouldn’t be able to get out. He loves it as he basks in the sunshine and warmth. I can sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning while watching him try to catch the bugs on the screen.

cooling plan