Printing labels

My sister and I started a small business almost ten years ago.  We both shared the same passion for cooking and wanted to create some signature sauces for sale.  This took a lot of leg work, attending business seminars, and even trade shows to get it off the ground.  As the years went by we received requests for various sauces and new creations. As you can imagine, packaging was a challenge.  With each type having its own unique label with ingredients and name, the challenge for us was finding a way to cut our costs and expedite the process. We contacted a few local printing companies, but, unless we were willing to purchase the labels in rolls of a thousand or more, the cost for a few sheets of each variety was really high.  Then we met with the final one who came up with a perfect solution. They designed one basic front label that had a window to put a small sticker with the flavor and an all inclusive back label listing all of the possible ingredients the product “may contain”. This was perfect. Now, the idea of ordering the large amount of labels made more sense.  I realize that the cost of set up, machinery, and the labels themselves is high but I wish printing companies offered better solutions for the average person or small business to have quality labels without breaking the bank. We were lucky to stumble upon the print shop that we did and have given out their information to other small businesses we come across with similar issues.

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